We want Modern Warfare 2 Remastered Multiplayer.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!

Activision seems to think we are fine with MW2R campaign only with a few MW2 remastered maps added into the mediocre game that is MW2019.

MW2 is a legendary game and deserves a full remaster with multiplayer included with the same progression, maps, and guns the original had. We don’t want to play with the terrible progression system, guns and SBMM that is in MW2019 on a handful of remastered MW2 maps. 

Please Activision do the right thing and give us the FULL MW2 Remaster as its own standalone game. In 2017 you had 3 games that were being supported, BO3 year 2, MWR, and Infinite Warfare, all with active player bases. there is no reason in 2020 that 3 games couldn't be supported by players again, MW2019, Warzone and MW2R. 


The MP is clearly in the files, it’s a waste of developers hard work making it and a slap in the face to everyone who has wanted this game remastered for the last few years. Please don’t do us gamers wrong who have begged for years for a full remaster of arguably the best Call of Duty game of all time. 

Activision, it’s time to put the players first, change your mind about MW2R’s MP and release it.