Remove Crates And Draws From Call Of Duty Mobile And Stop Supporting The Gambling Culture

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Activision is one of those game developers who care more about money than they do about its players and the community. Proof of that could be how they didn't bother doing anything about the hackers and cheaters up until very recently when they decided to match cheaters and hackers among themselves.

However, I would like to direct the attention of everyone to a more pressing matter. Crates. I and everyone else can tell you one thing. NO ONE LIKES THEM. Seeing how all that these crates do is hog up people's money and still, most of the times, just give them duplicates and then very shamelessly converting those duplicates into very low amount of Credits (Not even COD Points).

Crates not only annoy the players in the worst way possible but such a tactic also supports the gambling culture. We all put in our money in hopes we'll get what we want in a few tries but it just keeps on hogging the money and keeps on hogging the money and keeps on hogging the money. Then the player thinks "I've already put in a lot of money. If I stop now, it'd all be for nothing." And they just keep on feeding more money to such schemes.

And let me be real, crates are not the only thing Activision uses to rob people. They also have Draws. One might think they would have a fair chance of winning a featured item but boy would they be wrong. Most of the time (And I mean 99% of the time) these draws make you play at least 9 - 10 times before they give you a featured (Legendary) item. And each subsequent play costs 3.33x more than the last time.

Now I think most of the people would've already heard and seen some leaks but looks like Activision is testing Bundles. I and a lot of other players think this is the step in the right direction. At least the player will know what they are paying for instead of just firing a shot in the dark and hoping that it lands. Having said all that, I have made this petition to urge Activision to roll out bundles to all the players and remove the Crate and the Draw systems completely.

We all really love this game and want the community and the players to grow, along with the developers. But that does not mean we support such a system where the players get robbed out of their money and still don't get what they want. It is a humble request from me and other players alike, Activision, please don't become the next Electronic Arts.