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Marvel Ultimate Alliance Remaster Patch 3

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance series is an action role-playing game published by Activision.

The first game is developed by Raven Software for PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360 and PC, and developed by Barking Lizards for GameBoy Advance. The primary gameplay uses Raven Software version for Remaster.

The second game is developed by Vicarious Visions for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and developed by n-space for PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable (co-develop with Savage Entertainment), Wii and DS. The primary gameplay uses Vicarious Visions version for Remaster, and contents already gathered and set unlike MUA1.

On the first game's remaster after the success of Patch 2 for adding the former Xbox 360 Gold Edition DLC characters a year ago, most of the gameplay files (namely on names and codings, as well as some model texturing like Captain America's round shields and Silver Surfer's costumes (which may also affects the board texture change via reskin mods)) still messed up without any additional improvements and changes, and lack of PSP exclusive contents (which are also unused on Wii version found by dataminers, while one is used on both Wii & PSP (Wolverine's Jacket loading screen, which was used as a mian loading screen instead of his default Jacket-less one) and other remaining unused files (such as from original PC like the unused Wolverine's Jacket model (w/ no bones) version, and the rest of unused Hulk files which are only on certain previous ports). The PSP Contents included Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Ronin and formerly Hawkeye along with their simulation missions (Hawks & Cap. Marvel has exclusive Swordsman and EX Super-Skrull Boss respectively), with 6 survival simulations and prequel mission, but not counting 3 special single modes due to impractical reasons. There are few messed up gameplay files I've been gathering from my and every players' playthrough of this game than MUA2, and share the info of the current 1.02 patch to everyone to save some space on this section (NOTE: This full info is based on w/out game modding, and before 3rd official patches).

On both MUA PC versions, as mentioned on the info every players and I had been trying to gather above, the worst parts are the UI on keyboard configs and controllers still messed up, and currently lack of other original MUA1 PC settings such as in-game controller configs, Advance Lighting, Fullscreen Effect and Shadow. The keyboard configs still messed up when you try to config with certain buttons, while playing on Steam with the controllers (mostly 3rd-party ones like PS4 and Logitech controllers) cause us players seemingly unable to use them since July 19, 2017 Steam update was cause all of this. If "Use Steam Controller Configuration on Non-Steam Controllers" is disabled, some non-Steam controllers like Logitech Cordless 2 Rumblepad revert its messed up config schemes, while others like PS4 Controller may have a same schemes as Steam controllers working, but the button icons will only show those Steam controllers. Same goes for Online coding

When many fans heard about the Remaster, they had hoped that the Gold Edition DLC heroes and PSP contents would have been included with the game together. Evidently, this is not the case until the Gold Edition heroes comes out first, but not with PSP contents.

Not having them included with the Remaster is an extreme oversight and major disappointment for many of us. If we did not care about this, then there would be no petition. Marvel Ultimate Alliance resonates with many of us, not just Marvel fans but the gamers in general. It was apart of our childhoods, and having both Gold Edition DLC and PSP contents available for the PS4, PC/Steam and XBOX ONE would mean the world to us. 

So we ask you, Bill Rosemann, Marvel, Raven Software, Zoe Mode, and Activision, please release PSP exclusive contents with the Remaster of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1. Since the game is already released, patch it like those Gold Edition DLC contents and follow the example from Soul Calibur II HD where the latter game contains both Heihachi and Spawn (but not counting Link due to console rights).

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