Get Joe Cecot and Ashton Williams from Infinity Ward fired if they don't fix MW.

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We all know the issues with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.  We have been scammed into paying full price for an Alpha level game.  Not only that, but the developers refuse to listen to the community.  Ashton Williams is a terrible community manager and does not listen to feedback for the game from the community.  Joe Cecot is not making this game for us, he is making it based on his "vision", which totally disregards the core fan bases wants and needs in a Call of Duty multiplayer experience.  If they refuse to fix the issues with the game that the community wants footstep sound, dead silence as a perk, nerf ghost, improve player visibility, remove safe spaces, remove sbmm, then they deserve to be fired for their selfishness.

Lets get this done.