Get Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Remastered

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Hey Whats Up And This Petition Is To Get Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Remastered And To Fix All The Bugs In The Game. Also To Get Rid Of All Of The Modded Accounts,Hackers,Mods In General. Like MW Remastered It Would Attract Millions Of People. Which Means Millions Of $$$$. And The COD Community Would Love This Idea. And since COD Black Ops 2 Is On The Xbox 1 Through Backward Compatibility. and Its On Xbox 360,PS3. But with The Remaster It Would Change Some Things Like Guns,Scorestreaks And Still Include The Original Black Ops 2 Weapons. And The Campaign Would Be The Same But Changed A Little bit.The Zombies  Would Included All The Same Maps From B02 And Maybe Add Some Ones From B01 as A Added DLC Map (Like Bo3 did With The Giant) And They Should Add Custom Gamemodes Every Weekend Like (Prop Hunt,Michael Myers,Zombieland,etc) And also Include League play So COD Can Be Competitive Again. So If You Support This Petition Or Not Please sign And Share so "COD will be Great Again" Said By A Fellow COD Player. If You Ever Wanna Contact Me Twitter @EazyMcQueen or Catch Me On Discord @EazyMcQueen_ Or Twitch EazyMcQueen_  or YouTube Eazy McQueen. Please Sign And Share With Everyone You Know.