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"The Birmingham Velo has decided to cancel, not postpone or push forward for a later date/deferral. They have the cheek to say that they are NOT REFUNDING anyone, no riders/participants, NO ONE. They have more than likely taken over a million pounds in revenue for this event as they were brilliantly ecstatic with their 15/18k participants from last year.

The short ride being around £40-£50, and long ride being £80 - £100+. We could suspect numbers were or could have been greater as they were promoting it to be the biggest and best they have put into it for 2020."

It looks like they are profiteering from this pandemic and they are running with our hard earned money. They either refund our money or have all that signed up for this year be registered for next year's event, not EVERYONE has the luxury to have £100+ disappear on such thing excluding accommodation. 

They have sent an email today which is the same as their statement from their website: