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STOP THE “DOOMED” DINGO PROGRAM: using a deadly capsule containing 1080 poison

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Regarding the Hinchbrook Shire Council’s, Pelorus Island, North Queensland, project, inserting dingoes with a deadly capsule containing 1080 poison, is unethical. It will doom the dingoes to an agonising death, after using them simply as a pest control unit -The level of cynical cruelty and exploitation of the dingoes is reprehensible and completely unethical, now proposed to be used as a conservation model globally.

Self-culling dingoes could be conservation model-


 Letter -

We appeal to Jim Thompson, Chief Biosecurity Officer, and Biosecurity Queensland, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Queensland, and Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries Queensland, Leanne Donaldson,to revoke the approval for the project of using dingoes implanted with a 1080 capsules on the grounds of animal cruelty the project is unethical. - Therapeutic Goods Act 1966”. 1080 (fluoroacetic acid) is a listed schedule 7 poison, or a “Substances of exceptional danger” classified as torture by vets and wildlife organisations. The RSPCA deems it “Cruel and inhumane. The WLPA World League for Protection of Animals state is barbaric and condemns it use-

The RSPCA QLD has already communicated in the media its abhorrence of this program and has stated it will be taking action with the Queensland ethics committee. -RSPCA Queensland also said it was never informed about the plan, which it said "raised grave animal welfare issues.”-link-

Was this done in Accordance with the codes of practice (COPs)  standard operating procedures funded by the Australian Government Department of the Environment and Heritage?

This program is without doubt unethical and immoral, not giving dingoes the respect as a native species as researched by Matthew Crowther Canis dingo Wiley Online Library-Journal of Zoology. -link-

Dingoes also provide a host of ecological benefits -- keeping invasive species in check, enhancing biodiversity and balancing the ecosystem-By placing dingoes in a situation where these goats will be eaten/partly eaten and then the dingoes left to die, a horrible painful death, these “doomed” dingoes could suffer for days; this is completely the wrong attitude with best practices’ in science, now available in this 21st Century.

We are better than this. When did conservation stoop so low as to use an animal when no care is evident, re the treatment of the dingoes, one appearing in the project to be in ill health mange or injury? With the added proposed plan to send dingoes to New Zealand to exterminate all exotic animals, this must break all the rules of the ethical treatment of animals under the Animal Care & Protection Act – sect 18 & sect 37- 2001, Criminal Code 1899 - Sect 242-and is a systemic abuse of animals? It is possibly an indictable and illegal offence in breach of several Animal welfare, Queensland Consolidated Acts. 

These “death row “-dingoes subjected to this cruelty is the very height of despicableness--Also the huge fitted collars strapped on to the dingoes will make it difficult and hinder the dingoes hunting abilities.This crosses ethical boundaries.

These capsules made to eventually kill these dingoes and condemn them to a slow protracted agonising death, goes against all the rules of compassion and ethics- Australians believe that our wildlife should be protected as our national heritage; that wildlife has an intrinsic value in our environment. This experiment promoted as 'Conservation/Rewilding' is unethical.This program nothing like the hypothosis/theory of "rewilding" see YouTube video -" How Wolves Change Rivers -which gives the true concept of rewilding- link :-

Also see article on an example of dingoes benefiting the environment-"Why Plants Need Predators"-

It is disturbing that a public institution such as the University of Southern Queensland, is involved in promoting this scheme for further world projects using our native dingoes.

This is a new low in the treatment of animals both the dingoes and the goats - This would have to be Queensland's lowest act of depravity under the guise of a “Conservation Rewilding” --which it is definitely NOT.-  twisting this concept in the ugliest manner of depravity -

Please sign our petition to express your objection and support for these animals-

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