Action Alert: Darien to allow giant warehouse to be built bordering Waterfall Glen.

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Action Alert: Darien to allow giant warehouse to be built bordering Waterfall Glen.

Sterling Bay is a large development company from Chicago. They are proposing a big box warehouse on 

1035 S Frontage Rd, Darien IL

( Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve)

Facts about this big warehouse:

a. 153,000 SqFt
b. 31 Loading Truck Terminals 
c. 157 car parking spaces
d. East border is our Forest Preserve’s wetlands and floodplains
e. South of this warehouse borders Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve
f. Consumes 10.25 acres of land
g. 39ft Tall

Why we need a pause or possible stop on this project?

Waterfall Glen is a crown jewel and community fixture that provides recreational and natural respite to families from Darien, Willowbrook, Burr Ridge, Westmont, Clarendon Hills and Hinsdale.

 1.No environmental impact studies have been submitted by the developer.
2. No Traffic/Congestion Impact study has been submitted. 
3. We do not know any details regarding air pollution and toxin release which will affect our children and surrounding wildlife. 
4. Noise pollution is inevitable with 31 truck terminals. 
5. Inevitable effect on the enjoyment and accessibility of Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve by Dupage County residents (bikers, hikers, runners, families taking a walk along ).
6. A possible decrease in property values around the area. (Real Estate impact study)
7. Environmental impact on plants, animals, flora, fauna, wetlands & floodplains and natural resources at the forest preserve.
What can you do about it?
I urge community members to appear for board meetings and sign this petition.

 (August 27th 2018, September 4th 2018). 

 As a community, we demand that Sterling Bay proves that they won’t negatively affect our protected lands and surrounding communities. 

If building the warehouse passes through these board meetings, we will be seeing this big box for generations to come. Let’s hope that leaders of Darien recognize many possible negative consequences to our community and our natural resources.

We need immediate action to pause/modify or stop this project from destroying one of the crown jewel’s of our community. Darien and Dupage County residents deserve an undisturbed, pollution free natural environment. 

Darien say “No” to “Warehouse and Truck Terminals”