Arrest this person under Section 420 of the Indian Penal Code along with his family so that more people are not fooled by him/them.

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It is with great regret and after a lot of difficulty that I am starting a petition to make you conscious and aware of the fraud activities being carried out through internet in Coimbatore.

Lots of people including me have suffered after availing fraud services from Mr A Gopal of Jeep Clinic of Vadavalli, Coimbatore. The harassment which I have been subjected to without any reason. The conduct of Jeep Clinic has left me and lots others disgusted and cheated.

Following are the details and nature of my grievance, which are very clear and simple:

I searched for Jeeps on the internet on behalf of Ranjit Singh, my oldest staff member and found I called them up on the numbers given on the website. The numbers were 098422 68008, 098428 68008 and 098422 68001.

In September 2012, I approached Jeep Clinic, Coimbatore, on behalf of Mr Ranjit Singh, to buy a modified jeep costing around 400000. In good faith on September 24th 2012 I made a payment (RTGS) of Rs. 1,60,000/- by HDFC Bank cheque. 

However, I asked for the jeep several times but Mr A Gopal, the owner of Jeep Clinic showed incompetency in giving me any concrete answer. It was clear that the amount was cheated taken by me.

Several times I asked him to return my staff’s money back as I was no more interested in his company’s pathetic services. To my dismay I did not received any reply of my queries.

I have been trying to communicate with Mr A Gopal from past two years, through mails, sms and phone calls but received no positive response from his side. I have also been to Coimbatore twice for my jeep. After the first visit I was convinced that I would get a jeep in a month’s time and the second time of my visit I was told that Mr Gopal was out of town. I waited for him for three days but he refused to meet. I even visit Vadavalli police station but could not get help. Neither there has been any hint of any kind of an attempt to redress my grievance that could closely justify his act of cruelty.

As a consequence of his poor service and the repeated incompetency displayed by his partners and employees, I have suffered undue hardship and mental frustration.

I would like to emphasize that:
Mr A Gopal have been cheating a lot of people through his website/s and lots of fake facebook accounts. (Please search Jeep Clinic on
I have undergone a lot of extreme stress and mental agony because of deficient service of Jeep Clinic.
Given the above sequence of events, I requested him to refund my Rs. 1,60,000/- with interest and the tours I had taken to Coimbatore because of him, as soon as possible ,but instead I have been receiving fake promise messages and treat calls from Jeep Clinic's employees and partners.

I would request the Coimbatore police to look into the matter because a lot of people are suffering because of this fraud being carried out through the internet.

I also have all the mails that were sent by Mr A Gopal promising me to deliver the Jeep and demanding more money.