Stop Discrimination at Blue Mountains Grammar School


Stop Discrimination at Blue Mountains Grammar School

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Darren Rodrigo started this petition to BMGS Acting Heads Megan Hastie and Andrew Beitsch

Unfortunately, Blue Mountains Grammar School (BMGS) has joined 33 other Anglican schools in signing a special letter to the Prime Minister in requesting to retain the power to discriminate against teachers and students on the basis of sexual preference. Rather, than accepting that this archaic legislation is damaging to the fabric of our Australian culture.

This may mean that future students or staff whom the school presumes to be LGBTQI may not be accepted into the school, and that the school would retain the ‘power’ to pressure such students and staff to leave the school.

Even if these powers are not used, the clear the message the school would be sending to LGBTQI students and staff is that they do not fit in and that they are somehow ‘lesser’ people.

This is completely contrary to the virtues of inclusion and acceptance that BMGS says it values, and seeks to uphold, in the community. 

The school’s signing of this statement and its subsequent letters confirming its decision to do so, is enormously damaging to the school’s long-standing reputation as a place where all students are valued and nurtured in an environment of open expression and trust.

BMGS is currently bound by this abhorrent legislation, and may already exercise these powers, but has not. The difference is that now it is taking a very public, active stand to support the right to do so, and this may demonstrate a growing appetite to exercise them. This is deeply concerning.

Additionally, as a school that receives a large portion of its funding from Australian taxpayers, we feel that BMGS should respect Australian values that reject discrimination, cherish equality and celebrate diversity.

We, current and former students, staff and members of the Blue Mountains community completely reject any potential discrimination against gay students and teachers at BMGS and are appalled by the school’s public stance on this issue.

We stand by the LGBTQI friends we went to school with and the staff that taught us. We stand for the right of current and future LGBTQI BMGS students and staff not to be discriminated against at the school.

We urgently call on BMGS to publicly withdraw its support from the letter to the Prime Minister.

We also encourage you to send your personal message direct to the school at:

Every email counts and just a few sentences expressing your views is fine.

Thank you.


This petition made change with 3,056 supporters!