Support creation of iconic outback Kidman National Park

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Support creation of iconic outback Kidman National Park

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Rod Moffatt started this petition to Scott Morrison (Prime Minister of Australia) and

Are YOU concerned about the progressive degradation of Australia's iconic and precious outback natural environment, its unique biodiversity and its stunning landscapes...and want to preserve it for future generations...and for sustainable low impact tourism?

If so, I call on you to actively support Commonwealth acquisition of the S. Kidman & Co Ltd pastoral leases located in the iconic Lake Eyre Basin and lower Channel Country of arid northeastern South Australia and southwest Queensland - where cattle grazing activities are conducted in areas that are not ecologically sustainable.

Cattle grazing in arid landscapes constitutes one of the most significant anthropogenic causes of soil destabilisation of arid rangelands and is a functional contributor to wind erosion, land degradation and native habitat destruction.

I propose the Commonwealth Government, with the assistance and cooperation of the relevant State Governments acquires the more environmentally sensitive parts of the vast Kidman cattle station empire to create a new and iconic outback national park in the lower Channel Country...a park to rival the achievements of KAKADU and ULURU.

These include internationally significant Ramsar wetlands, riparian (river) corridors, fragile desert dunefields, and land that contains natural values of international conservation significance - worthy of World Heritage listing.

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The impending sale of the Kidman pastoral empire marks the end of the colonial pastoral era, and provides an opportune juncture for contemporary Australian Government to redress a significant historical environmental mistake by removing introduced hooved animals from the most fragile desert parts of the iconic lower Lake Eyre Basin and the internationally significant Ramsar wetlands and surface aquatic drainage systems of the lower Channel Country.

Such decisive action by our nation would send a potent and unequivocal message to the world that Australia is proactive in mitigating the anthropogenic impact on its natural environment and is genuinely committed to addressing the conservation of the biodiversity of this continent...and, most importantly...the elephant in the room, climate change.

It is in the national interest that this land be protected and preserved for all future generations and, with your assistance, history can be made.

On behalf of all Australians, passionate about promoting ecologically sustainable land use and the preservation of our natural environment, I implore you to sign this petition to our Prime Minister, Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP, and our Environment Minister, Hon Greg Hunt MP.

Yours sincerely 

Rod Moffatt

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This petition had 658 supporters