Enough is Enough! Save our St. Johns County!

Enough is Enough! Save our St. Johns County!

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Started by As Fritz

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St. Johns County has seen unprecedented growth in the last 3 years. Unfortunately, the infrastructure, schools, and hospitals have not had time to keep up with the fast paced growth of the county. 

As a resident of North West St. Johns Count I am particularly concerned about: 

1. Greenbriar Helow project expected to bring 3,500 new homes
2. The Farms request to change zoning in order to add 1,300 new homes at the corner of 210 and Greenbriar
3. The expansion of Silverleaf development to add 5,300 homes on over 2,300 acres.

Please vote "NO" to re-zoning and expansion in St. John's county. The community infrastructure, schools, and hospitals cannot support this rapid growth. While growth is good for a community it must be carefully implemented and with adequate support to the surrounding communities. 

The county's own staff reports:

"The County does not have adequate revenue resources at this time to complete capacity improvements, nor is it anticipated that the proportionate share contribution will be adequate to complete these improvements. The applicant has indicated intent to execute a Development Agreement to address adverse development impacts over s 20 year time period; as well, other funding revenues may be identified in the future. Concurrency commitments would be not required until prior to subdivision construction plan approval. "

Furthermore, there is uncertainty over how the new statutory limitations on impact fees will affect a large-scale development such as Silverleaf, Greenbriar Helow, and The Farms. 

Act now, save our county, vote NO! 

P.S. Please do not make donations to this cause. This petition is strictly for information purposes that we will use to discuss our beliefs with local government leadership. 

875 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!