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End the Canberra kangaroo cull permanently

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The annual kangaroo cull is an exercise in needless cruelty.

The reasoning supplied by TAMS and the ACT Government was shown by an expert witness to be inaccurate, misleading and was eventually described by a TAMS representative to be merely “PR” (ACAT AT13/41, 2013). In fact, the evidence supplied through this tribunal, and in other literature, has shown that the kangaroo is a keystone species and is integral to maintaining biodiversity.

So integral, in fact, that following culling, livestock has been used to graze the vacated land to reduce the bushfire risk due to overgrowth of grasses!

Fifty international academics, writers, lawyers and artists have already called for an end to the culls, highlighting the lack of humanity and the lack of scientific evidence justifying such abhorrent actions. Animal welfare and animal rights activists have been opposing this since the first cull. We ask you to add your voice to this and call on the ACT Government to end this massacre now.


We thank you for your support! If you want to do more please go to http://stopthecull.net.au to find social media resources to share, email addresses of relevant MLAs and a draft email to send (edit as you please!), as well as posters and flyers which can be downloaded!