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Act for elderly, handicapped, et al

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Advocate, Act for the elderly, handicapped, et al, for your group may be next!  Contrary to Pastor Niemoeller, “…The Nazi’s first came for …”, the elderly, infirm, medically ill, handicapped, disabled, et al, not “the Communists”, in a word, the weak, just like the republicans are trying to do now by trying to voucherize Medicare, and do away with Medicaid, etc.; don‘t you let them- for, your group will be devastated by them next. All for one, one for all, we stand together, or we’ll all fall in separate groups! We can't allow dems to devolve back into dinos, democrats in name only, loyal republican pets, or allow Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security to have their funding cut, even by the scalpel-in-chief’s “thinning them“ to meet needs of political expediency; nor their coverage decreased- the cat food commission was wrong! The sausage-making butchers that call themselves centrists, dinos, used to call themselves bipartisanshippers 'til they sunk the usa economic ship, are tripartisanshitting on our populace; caving isn’t possible- no legislation, or closed federal gov't, is better than bad. The “good cops”, dempublicans, working us over for the “bad cops”, remocrats, could just say no, once, like the republicans did for the last 2 and a half years; but, no, they want to get exponentially more donations from the corps., so, they collaborate with the rems in their enforcing the war on the middle-class to poor- for the corporate structure and its oligarchy. The economic apartheids' enlarging chasm between the rich and poor, the richest have engineered through gutting our economy and feeding on its dying corpse, lately, will implode manufacturing an economic black-hole, like they manufactured in smaller versions with the fake real estate mortgage-gate, and the fake financial derivatives-gate, etc., that will swallow this countries' and the global economy whole; if we don't struggle every millisecond for every inch, with the republican conspiracies frontline blitzkrieg of all life- as they're the enforcer for the corporate structures’ convolutions devolutionary direction. Demand the dems stand up to the rems. For example, you and your federal gov't lied when you stated that "there should be no cost of living increase for SS recipients for the last 3 years, because there was no inflation"; for, you and the non-republicans turned a great recession, by almost everyone's accounts, into a long lasting recession, a great achievement- yet, it's impossible to say there wasn't even inflation! As well, all attempts to tinker with Social Security are at best premature by a couple of decades, and at worst collaboration with the republican conspiracies' plans to privatize, personalize, etc., it, in order to steal the elderlies' almost only income. Another, I fully support the Community First Choice Option. It is a major step forward in addressing Medicaid's institutional bias. These actions on Disabled Greens News and discussion:
Advocate/Act for the elderly, handicapped, et al, or yours will be next: This petition on Act for elderly, handicapped, et al: 

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