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Troy Anthony Davis Global Day of Action.  This is an opportunity to "shout from the rooftops" in opposition to what could be the execution of an innocent man.  We invite you to join NCADP by participating in this day of action in some meaningful way.  More on that is below.

We also wanted to take the opportunity to thank each of the 649 supporters who posted a comment in support of NCADP on the Jenzabar Foundation blog.  We here at NCADP were deeply touched by your support and comments.  While NCADP received the most comments and that is what got us to the finals, the Jenzabar Foundation chose to make its award to another worthy organization called Forge, which helps refugees in Africa.  We applaud the folks at Forge, and we thank the Jenzabar Foundation for its work and for the benefits NCADP has derived from participating in the contest.  Again, thank you.

Troy Anthony Davis Global Day of Action

Troy Anthony Davis is currently on death row in Georgia, where he awaits a decision in his case by the U.S. Supreme Court.  If the Court refuses to hear his case or otherwise grant relief, his execution date could be set at any time.  Tuesday, May 19th is Troy Anthony Davis Global Day of Action, an event sponsored by Amnesty International and endorsed by the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty.  Learn more and take action here.

NCADP Executive Director Diann Rust-Tierney wrote about this case last week on the Huffington Post - read that here.

Additional Background

In 1991, Troy was convicted in the murder of off-duty police officer Mark MacPhail largely on the basis of eyewitness testimony - no physical evidence links him to the crime. Since his trial, seven of nine eyewitnesses have recanted their original statements, yet federal law prevents these new eyewitness statements from being heard.

Troy's execution had been scheduled for September 23rd, 2008. On September 12, 2008 he was denied clemency by the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles. Two hours before he was to be killed he received stay from the U.S. Supreme Court pending its decision as to whether it would hear his appeal.  On October 14, 2008, the Court denied his request for relief so that his evidence of innocence could be heard in a legal proceeding.  Just one day later, Troy Davis' execution was set for October 27 at 7pm EST.  On October 24, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a stay pending further examination and possible acceptance of a new appeal.  On April 16, by a 2-1 vote the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals denied Troy's appeal but issued a 30 stay to allow time for an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.  

The stay has now expired.  Learn more about this case and take action here.

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