Arrested for having Seizures

Arrested for having Seizures

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   The University at Albany had a terminally ill student maliciously arrested while she was seizing. The emotional & physical stress sent Nyjah Pringle into a second coma. Brian T Stephenson called the police when Ms.Pringle had a seizure. When the University Police Department came they racially profiled Nyjah Pringle as a black student seeming non-compliant; instead of realizing she is a disabled student who needed to feel safe. Brian T Stephenson openly stated that Ms.Pringle has “an abnormal state of health” because of Ms.Pringle’s Epilepsy.

   Brian T Stephenson stated that Ms. Pringle did not want help from the Untrained 5 Quad student workers. Ms. Pringle felt anxious and scared because 5 Quad has not respected her body and seizures before. Ms.Pringle was restrained by University Police and 5 Quad student workers. Then Ms. Pringle was slammed brutally onto a stretcher. Handcuffs were applied after Ms. Pringle said “I’m not going anywhere.” That is when Ms.Pringle starts having problems breathing. 5 Quad and UALBANY’s Police Department were holding her face down while Ms.Pringle was seizing.

   It is Nyjah Pringle’s right to refuse assistance from people who may cause her harm. Not a single person in that room was following Epilepsy First Aid Protocol. Brian T Stephenson emailed and called Ms.Pringle while she was hospitalized trying to intimidate her about a hearing. Brian calls in June 2020, right before her birthday to ask Ms. Pringle to do a hearing. Ms. Pringle agrees to the hearing and asked Brian to send her all of the evidence, police body cam footage, audio, and video recordings that Brain T Stephenson had used to intimidate her. Before hanging up Brian told Ms. Pringle that he will send it when he finds it.

   Brian Stephenson never wanted to talk about the hearing again because he doesn’t want to admit to lying and he gave this situation to Clarence McNeil. During the Fall 2020 semester, Clarence McNeil called just so he could bribe Ms.Pringle to be quite. Clarence asked Ms. Pringle if this was about money. Asked if she had any bills or if she needed help with financial aid. Ms.Pringle told him that Brian needs to be disciplined or fired for what he said.

Ms. Pringle wants to see the 4 police body cam footages. Brian T Stephenson told her to not be on campus, while hospitalized Brian puts her on probation, and lied on statements just to make himself seem right. UALBANY Police Department arrested Ms. Pringle and issued Ms.Pringle a warrant for her arrest. 5 Quad has untrained students; this causes more harm than good. I really didn’t want to come back to life and they decided to resuscitate me. My will and DNR paperwork is signed and ready to still go. But I realize that my life is connected to billions and I would be selfish to not allow people to learn from my life situation.

  * Change is always a good way to improve on yourself or a situation. Please Sign, Share, and Support this Petition Please. Together we can create more dialogue around EPILEPSY FIRST AID Training & Protocol, Police Brutality Against Black Disabled People, and College Students with Disabilities.

  Ms. Pringle  deserves to finish her degree. Nyjah Pringle keeps coming back to life and she needs to clear her name/record. No one deserves to be arrested while they are having a seizure. One of her dreams is being the first to graduate in her family and to study abroad.



  • Is UALBANY truly diverse?

-Allowing a White Privileged administrator to make fun of black disabled girls, is sadly acceptable.

-UALBANY is federally funded and doesn’t comply with ADA.

- UALBANY is comfortable with not disciplining Brian Stephenson for openly discriminating against Epilepsy.

-UAlbany allows an administrator to constantly lie on students of color? ( Brian T Stephenson avoided having the Hearing once asked for all the evidence he had.)

-Why are 5 Quad and University Police Department workers untrained in Epilepsy First Aid?( 5 Quad needs to be properly reviewed & trained)

-Why does University at ALBANY claim to be so Diverse yet they are unwilling to resolve the issues of Disability Discrimination, Racial Discrimination  & Police Brutality?

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