Acknowledge the Increased Risk of Miscarriage due to a Pap Smear

Acknowledge the Increased Risk of Miscarriage due to a Pap Smear

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Started by Erin Rebmann

Statistics say that 15-20% of women will miscarry, and that roughly 80% of those that miscarry will do so before 12 weeks. Many doctors will speculate the cause but rarely give you a scientific reason as to the actual cause. 

From my personal experience and reading the experience of many others, there may be a correlation between a pap smear and miscarriage. Many women have had the same experience where they went in for their first prenatal check up, received a pap smear, and immediately began miscarrying the same day. 

Many women have had a pap smear and had a successful pregnancy, but the number of miscarriages that have been reported (just through online chats because ZERO studies have been done) are astonishing! 

Having a pap smear does not mean that you will miscarry, but it highly increases your chances. I was reading an article that read,
"Unfortunately, given that roughly 15 to 20% of confirmed pregnancies end in miscarriage, some women do inevitably miscarry after having a Pap smear. Some may even start having symptoms of miscarriage after having had a Pap smear earlier that same day. Symptoms of miscarriage might include vaginal bleeding that's bright red or brown, cramping or back pain, and the passing of tissue through the vagina. But keep in mind: This does not mean that the Pap smear necessarily caused the miscarriage. It's far more likely that the miscarriage symptoms coincidentally happened to appear right after the test."
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How many times is a "coincidence?" 1000? 2000? 10,000? How is it that doctor's can tell a patient that drinking coffee during pregnancy can increase their risk of miscarriage, but the thousands of voices stating that they had a miscarriage after a pap smear isn't considered an increased risk at all? 

Here is my voice, I had a routine prenatal appointment at 7 and a half weeks. My baby had a, "strong and healthy heartbeat and no signs of concern." Not even 5 hours later I began bleeding heavily and cramping and my next check up, a day later, reported that I was miscarrying and that my baby had died. I have had my annual pap smears with no abnormalities, I have had the HPV vaccines, so why on Earth did my doctor find it necessary to increase the risk of my unborn child by administering a pap smear which ultimately took the life of my child?

UPDATE: June 13, 2018
I recently figured out what brand my gynecologist uses for their pap smears (ThinPrep) and I found their instructional PDF online, and it specifically says, "Do not use an endocervical brush during pregnancy."
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If you or anyone you know had a similar experience, please find the strength to speak up and post your story here. Know that you are not alone!

572 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!