Demand Thurston County Superior Court Judge Chris Lanese to Resign

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司法黑暗/勾结政府/打压华人! 华人正当诉讼被潜规则了! Despite clear evidence that the Secretary of State failed to comply with WAC 434-379-010 requirement and had no valid basis to certify I-1000, former Managing Assistant AG, current Thurston County Superior Court Judge, Chris Lanese, hastily sided with the Secretary of State, granted her Summary Judgement without an oral argument, and stroke a scheduled hearing. Case Number: 19-2-00829-34 

Supreme Court appeal case # 97020-3

The Facts:

The Secretary of State may sample as few as 3% of the signatures, and project the likely results from analysis of that subset, but only in accordance with WAC 434-379-010. However, according to the plaintiffs’ expert report, the “SoS did not carry out an ‘unrestricted random sample’ as required by the regulations (WAC 434-379-010)” and “the ‘protection against misrepresentation of the population’ [Snedecor and Cochran] afforded by an unrestricted random sample has not been achieved. Therefore, the SoS has not shown an objectively valid basis to certify the I-1000 petition.”
By the Secretary of State’s own admission, below is how they pull samples. Anyone with basic statistical knowledge can tell, this is NOT “unrestricted random sample”.
“from 1978 until approximately 1995, the Secretary of State's Office hand marked the original paper petition sheets and assembled the sheets into bound volumes. The office then manually created a set of numbers ranging from 1 to 65. The Secretary of State's Office used dice to determine the starting point and counted the "random" signatures from that point in the bound volumes.”
“In approximately 1995, the Secretary of State’s Office began using a computer program to determine the signatures selected for verification. The Secretary of State’s Office set the program to use a span of anywhere from 1 to 65 between signatures for selection. The Secretary of State’s Office continued to perform a hand count to find the computer selected signatures until 2016, when the process went digital.”
The Secretary of State sent their reply to plaintiffs’ opposition to summary judgement at 1:02pm on March 27, 2019. By 3:59pm on March 27, 2019, the court sent out “Order Granting Summary Judgment “
And the Order Granting Summary Judgement was signed on March 26, 2019 the day before the Secretary of State even replied!

Why we demand Judge Chris Lanese to resign:

Knowing that the Secretary of State did not comply with the WAC requirement, the judge either executed poor judgement to grant the Summary Judgement, or was in collusion with the Secretary of State.
The Order was sent less than 3 hours after the Secretary of State filed reply and was signed the day before. The judge either did not want to give this case any attention or was in collusion with the Secretary of State.
The scheduled hearing was on March, 29th, 2019, less than 2 days from the “Order Granting Summary Judgment “ was sent. The judge was either Intellectual lazy or was in collusion with the Secretary of State.

Either poor judgement, or intellectual laziness, or collusion with the defendant, Judge Chris Lanese has demonstrated that he is unfit to be a judge.  

Plaintiffs' opposition to Summary Judgement

Plaintiffs' expert report (submitted to the court)

The Secretary of State’s reply to our opposition

Court’s Order Granting Summary Judgement