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GIZA Zoo is a prison

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Giza Zoo lost a lot of wild animals hunger due to lack of cleanliness and water.

Egyptians have always shared a long and important history with animals; since the Pharaonic days, animals were revered, respected and were even mummified alongside kings.

The very first known ‘zoo’ was actually established in Egypt, dating back to 1500 BCE, by decree of Queen Hatshepsut. As the millennia wore on, this ideology has drastically changed.

Attitudes and behaviour towards animals have become uglier, and hearts seem to have grown colder. Once an ancient empire that showed respect to animals, Egypt has now become a country that hosts one of the world’s cruelest zoos.

Sadly, this is not an exaggeration; if you type ‘world’s worst zoos’ in Google, you will find a myriad of links to various lists that share the opinion that Giza Zoo is literally a travesty to animal rights.

Type in ‘Giza Zoo’ and you will find one horror story after another about the dreadful, unsanitary conditions in which its captives are abused. From gorillas killed for being suspected of having Ebola, to birds dying of avian flu and to more recently a giraffe dying from anxiety, there are plenty of reasons to shut down this torture camp.

This is a previously news in Giza Zoo



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