Letter to
Chairman of BARIN Mr. F.T.J.M. Allard
Prime Minister of India Mr. N. Modi
Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mr. M. Rutte
and 13 others
President of Brazil Mrs. D.V. Rousseff
President of South Africa Mr. J.G. Zuma
Prime Minister of Japan Mr. S. Abe
President of France Mr. F. Hollande
Bundeskanzlerin Deutschland Mrs. A. Merkel
U.S. President Mr. B. Obama
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Mr. D. Cameron
President of China Mr. X. Jinping (President of China)
Prime Minister of Sweden Mr. F. Reinfeldt
President and Airbus Chief Executive Officer Mr. F. Brégier
Prime Minister of Canada Mr. S. Harper
Corporate Offices at Boeing Mr. T. Blecher
Prime Minister of Australia Mr. T. Abbott
I just signed the following petition addressed to:

President of the United States of America, responsible officials of federal, state, and international regulatory agencies, U.S. Congress, Vice-President of the European Commission, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Bundeskanzlerin Deutschland, President of France, Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Prime Minister of Japan, President of China, President of Russia, Prime Minister of India, President of Brazil, President of South Africa, Prime Minister of Belgium, Prime Minister of Sweden, President of Indonesia, Prime Minister of Canada, Prime Minister of Australia, Chairman of BARIN, Corporate Offices at Boeing and President and Airbus Chief Executive Officer.


Please make airplanes wheelchair accessible.

Because the disabled worldwide with a heavy restriction such as muscle diseases cannot travel by plane when they must sit in a regular airplane seat. Airlines should reserve space to host an (electric) wheelchair, like they do in cabs and busses. On top of that airlines damaging electric wheelchairs, electric patient lifts and other medical equipments.



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