Assistance for students during Covid-19

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  1. We have started this petition because of our passion for wanting to help all students throughout New Zealand. We both are single parents and know how hard it is to live on the student allowance. We know so well as students that it is extremely hard to survive on the little assistance that we get. With having to pay rent, food, water, internet, power, childcare, extra petrol, parking, loans, HPs, books, paper, ink and another cost you all have. Some students who do not qualify for student allowance are forced to borrow the money to survive and some are forced to receive support from their parents, even they too could also be impacted by this pandemic and to are also struggling. We as students were struggling before Covid-19 and we sure are even struggling more now.
  2. In signing this petition you are taking a stand for all students who are feeling the pressure and struggle through this crisis. You are helping all students make a change. We are the future of New Zealand let's unite and make a difference, let's make a change and let us be heard. We deserve to have the winter energy payments, and we ask for easier accessibility to food grants and other supplementary assistance. We DO NOT deserve to borrow the $2000 they are asking us to do, placing us under more financial hardship.
  3. Since the Covid-19 lockdown, the New Zealand Government announced an increase to all beneficiaries to receive a weekly increase of $25.00 as well as the benefits increase of $10 and a Winter Energy Payment (double to last year) starting on the 1st of May 2020. Students around New Zealand have not been thought of or mentioned in this crisis. We also like beneficiaries, have ongoing costs like power, water, groceries, supplies needed for our studies, and by all means we are struggling. Students have families to keep warm over winter also and with this lockdown, power has increased with families been stuck at home, whereas we would otherwise be at uni or polytech or children being at school.
  4. Access to Studylink is near impossible with wait times on the phone for over an hour to be hung up on. Students can not access food grants online either making it near impossible for students to get any assistance. As Jacinda Ardern once stated "We are the future of New Zealand", so why are we put on the back burner during this crisis? We as students work our butts off to be the future psychologists, nurses, doctors etc we deserve to be heard and looked after too. Please sign and share this petition and call for equality for students across New Zealand. Please sign and share this petition, you can make a difference for our students while we have not been heard during these difficult times!!!
  5. Follow the link here to the announcement made today