Its time to seek justice in Canada. Get rid of of the Tar Sands!

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I am deeply concerned about the Tar Sands being a huge environmental destructor. The tar sands have literally ruined forests, polluted streams, killing wildlife, and have created a higher level of aboriginals with cancer. I have a deep concern with the Tar Sands, and these are the reasons why.

Fort Chipewyan lies north of the oil sands, and they have had an increase of cancer in their people and more and more of their people die from it each year. I have noticed that the Chippewans  that were interviewed in the documentary Tipping Point, talked about their health worsening since the oil sands have been there. 

I urge you to help bring justice back into Canada. I am a person who really cares about the Boreal Forest, along with the thousands of other people, but listen. It is being clear cutted by the hectares for the operation of the Tar Sands. The Tar Sands are polluting the environment that is destroying every wildlife that's in it. The  oil that comes from the Tar Sands have killed practically all the fish in the waters near the Tar Sands, the rest of the fish that are living are mutated. Studies have shown the fish that are in the waters there have had high levels of lead, bitumin, and oil in them. Studies have also shown that the snow that lies on top of the river in the winter, contains a really high level of oil, and lead. This lead and oil that is caused by the Tar Sands have killed many birds, as well as many types of fish. This land is very important to the aboriginal people, and the Tar Sands are destroying it. 

I urge you to help challenge this injustice that is happening in Canada. It is a leading source of air pollution in North America. It has increased global warming and is ruining this earth for generations to come, for our children and the children after them. 

We as people have two choices in life. To seek justice in Canada, for the better of this country, or just to sit and see it crumble in problems. It is up to us to bring back the order and justice in Canada, and we as people by signing this petition help bring back the justice that is needed in Canada. 

So please, help bringing justice in Canada by signing this petition, and help stop the oportation of the Tar Sands