Acadian Ambulance, hire Jamie Bergeron back! #WeStandWithJamie

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Jamie Bergeron, one of your best & longest employed EMTs, was terminated for posting a JOKE on his personal Facebook page. Of course everyone knows he's also a well loved local entertainer and jokester. He may post some silly stuff to get a few laughs, but he's never done or said anything racially related in all his years of service to you. When I see something on someone's page that is sensitive to me, I scroll on. I have the RIGHT & SENSE to ignore it. WE all know Jamie meant nothing by his meme, except to get a laugh. Don't let our local communities lose a dedicated public servant who SAVES ALL LIVES because of a few sensitive people who can't get a joke! Twice I've personally seen Jamie jump off of a stage during gigs and perform CPR when fans have hit the floor in distress! He didn't see color; he saw a person in distress, stopped his performance, & selflessly SAVED 2 LIVES! I encourage everyone to share your Jamie stories, while he was on the clock & off! I know he has MANY! DO THE RIGHT THING for our community, Acadian Ambulance! Bring back a selfless LIFE SAVING public servant! #WeStandWithJamie