Acadia University mandatory course on African-Canadian and Indigenous history

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Bringing a mandatory course for all students at Acadia University on Canadian discriminations and oppression of African-Canadian and Indigenous Peoples will help bridge understanding of current and past inequalities, discriminations and aggressions against these groups. Canada still ignores the reality lived by African-Canadians and Indigenous Peoples and current school curriculums don't highlight what they live through on a daily basis due to past and current injustices.

This mandatory course would bring awareness of these lived realities to people who are ignorant to them and hopefully create allies and change within our society.

I am writing a petition for Acadia University to install a mandatory course on discrimination against Indigenous and Black Peoples in Canada for all programs.

This course would touch on historical oppression (Residential schools, 60’s scoop, 00’s scoop, starlight tours, police brutality, segregated schools, slavery in Canada, Africville, The Nova Scotia Home for Colored Children, etc.).

Oppressive legislation and systematic oppression- colonization through Institutionalized learning.

Freedom movements and fights for African-Canadian and Indigenous rights.

Finally, how all of this translates to the present reality of African-Canadians and Indigenous peoples (trans-generational trauma, inequalities and also, resilience of African Canadians and Indigenous Peoples).