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Hire City Point contractors who give workers decent wages & benefits.

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I was shocked to learn that, despite an economy in need of good jobs, you have taken public money – MY money – for your City Point development project in downtown Brooklyn, but have failed to hire responsible construction contractors who provide decent wages and benefits to their workers.

Your company, Acadia Realty Trust, received millions of public dollars as well as city-owned land in order to get the City Point project off the ground. Phase I has been completed, and there is still no commitment from Acadia to provide good jobs and to work with responsible contractors.

By taking millions in public subsidies and depriving your workers of good wages and benefits, you are actually hurting the economy, the middle class, our city and our local communities.

You need to live up to your responsibility to hire contractors who provide their workers with decent wages and benefits; after all, you’re using my money.

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