End the Invasion of Ukraine Now! Appeal by Russian studies specialists

End the Invasion of Ukraine Now! Appeal by Russian studies specialists

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Started by Geoffrey Roberts

End the Invasion of Ukraine Now! Appeal from Russian studies scholars
We the undersigned scholars of Russian studies wholeheartedly and unreservedly condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. We call upon President Putin to cease the war immediately, to withdraw his forces from Ukraine and be willing to negotiate a permanent peace.
The invasion is Putin’s war, a war of choice not necessity. The prime responsibility for the conflict, and all its sorrowful, devastating and dangerous consequences, is his.
Along with other members of the Russian government, NATO and western governments must also accept their share of responsibility – for refusing to negotiate a diplomatic compromise that might have prevented war by assuaging both Russia’s and Ukraine’s security concerns whilst at the same time ensuring Ukraine’s future as an independent state.
Nor has the embattled Kiev government been free from error. Ukraine played a significant role in stymying implementation of the Minsk accords, an agreement designed to secure the return of Donets and Lugansk to Ukrainian sovereignty, albeit on the basis of regional autonomy for the two breakaway provinces.
We support sanctions against Russia that are designed to put pressure on Putin to end the war and negotiate a peace that will be favourable to Ukraine whilst taking Russian security concerns into consideration. But we oppose economic warfare against Russia aimed at regime change in Moscow. Such a course represents a dangerous escalation that will have woeful consequence for Ukrainians and Russians and for peoples throughout the world.
We support all forms of material and humanitarian aid for Ukraine, but question the wisdom of deepening arms supplies, which may only fuel the flames of war and increase its human cost.
As Russian studies specialists we are dedicated to understanding Russia’s point of view. We seek to share our knowledge and understanding of Russia’s concerns, sensibilities and interests.  We adamantly oppose Russia’s isolation and alienation.
But we say to our Russian friends and colleagues, to the Russian Government and to President Putin: this war is wrong and must end now.
(all signatories in a personal capacity)
Alexander Hill
Professor of Military History
University of Calgary
Daniel Kowalsky
Lecturer in History
Queens University Belfast
Christopher Read
Emeritus Professor of Modern European History
University of Warwick
Geoffrey Roberts
Emeritus Professor of History
University College Cork
Richard Sakwa
Professor of Russian and European Politics
University of Kent
Stephen Smith
Professor of History and Emeritus Fellow
All Souls College, Oxford
Andrei P. Tsygankov
Professor of International Relations
San Francisco State University

393 have signed. Let’s get to 500!