#Academics4NaMo : Researchers, professors and thinkers for Narendra Modi in 2019 elections

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The electoral battle of 2019 general elections will be a decisive one. The outcome of these elections could carry the country forward on the path of growth and development or drag it back to the decades of corruption and dynasty politics. In this election, Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself is the key agenda with the ballot being sought either in his favour or against him.

In such a scenario, this forum is an attempt to bring together like-minded academics, professors, scholars, columnists, and opinion-makers to garner support and create a favourable environment, through words and actions, for re-election of Shri Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister. You may not entirely agree with all the policies and programmes of the Modi government, but if you believe that Narendra Modi is the best available option in the coming elections, we would urge you to join this forum, put forward your views,and lend us your support.

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