Blacklist Inderscience Journal Publishers

Blacklist Inderscience Journal Publishers

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inderscience Ban started this petition to Academic Professionals and

Dear Educational community professionals,

Recently many educational community professionals like Researchers, Academic Faculties, Research Scholars and Student professional are facing problem with Inderscience publisher (


Inderscience Publishers
Order Dept
World Trade Centre Building II
29, route de Pre-Bois
Case Postale 856
CH-1215 Genèva 15
Fax: +41 22 9295600

The publishers trying to make money from the authors and pulling down all the accepted and published papers from their journal without any reason. Nearly around 860 papers removed in last two years without any prior knowledge of authors. Simply sending the mail like “The journal issue was cancelled, and we are not able to publish your paper”.

Our petition is  

1. The publisher is the responsible for any internal issues, how can they remove the author papers after Acceptance and Proofread.

2.  The publisher not giving any Acceptance and rejection notification immediately. Many papers underwent more than 2 years review and revision process.

3. After two years the publisher simply sending the issue was cancelling, and not giving any remedial solution to the authors.

4.  Many authors submitted PG Projects, Synopsis and Thesis based the journal acceptance, now all the authors facing many problems with universities and working environment.

5.  All the manuscripts went proper review and revision process. The manuscript is recommended and accepted by the Journal editors and Editorial office. But suddenly they have removed.

6.  Many authors received sudden open access payment of 3000 USD.

Our Climes are

1.  Already the above publisher blocked with Indonesian Govt for illegal publication activities.  How the reaming counties encouraging this publisher. 

2. We request all the Countries to ban the Inderscience Publishers and their journals. Save the research communities from this fake publisher.

3. We request Inderscience Journal editors to withdraw their Editorship and show the research community Unity.

4.  We have plan to raise 100000 Singed petitions to Ban Inderscience Fake Publisher.

5.  We will send this petition to the educational agencies, University, Governments and Supporting Indexing Agencies to Ban this fake Publisher.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!