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Replace MAS Director James Rogers and employees with people who truly care about the well being of our shelter pets.


We've all heard the stories of dogs being wrongfully euthanized at MAS.  What this "shelter" needs is a NEW director and staff with compassion & experience working with animals. Those of us who sincerely care about the animals in this city are sick and tired of the excuses & incompetence of the employees working inside. We want James Rogers to resign or be terminated immediately, having someone with experience in animal care replacing him. If you hire someone with a passion for helping animals, you will be amazed by how much things will change for Memphis, our citizens, & our animals. We expect more empathy on matters such as this one from someone in your position. Along with the numerous dogs that have been "accidentally euthanized", two dogs have also just disappeared from the property this year alone. The citizens of Memphis are demanding this change & it is your job as Mayor to see that those changes are handled accordingly.

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