Petition Closed
Petitioning AC Sheriff, AC Board of Supervisors, BART, Treasure Island Job Corp

Dismiss all criminal charges for Nubia, Levi, and James; Immediately reinstate Nubia to her academic/training program.


On a routine train ride from school on Friday, March 21st, Nubia Bowe met up with two friends - James and Levi, who were on their way home from San Francisco. While waiting for their stop, the youth were approached by transit officers with a witness who claimed the two young men were panhandling and causing a disturbance. The police ordered the youth to leave the train for questioning.

When the youth insisted on their innocence and asserted their rights, they were handcuffed. Though numerous train passengers tried to inform officers of the groups' innocence, Nubia was thrown from the train and slammed to the ground. Witnesses state that she was aggressively manhandled. Bowe was ultimately sent to Santa Rita jail having been charged with 2 felonies and 4 misdemeanors. The witness who called the police later stated that he may have identified the wrong youth.

While in custody in Santa Rita, Nubia was assaulted repeatedly and by multiple officers at once; 3 males and 1 female. During one of the incidents, the 19-year-old, 105lb teen was charged with an additional 2 misdemeanors. 

As a result of this traumatic course of events, Nubia was discharged from her academic/training program, faces additional jail time, emotional stress, and a lifelong criminal record.

If this can happen to young people who are employed, in school, and have never been in legal trouble, it can happen to anyone..and all over a case of "mistaken identity". 

Letter to
AC Sheriff, AC Board of Supervisors, BART, Treasure Island Job Corp
Dismiss all criminal charges for Levi, James, and Nubia and immediately reinstate Nubia to her academic/training program.

Demonstrations and rallies will continue until:

*All officers responsible for Nubia’s abuse must be fired
*All charges for all parties are dropped
*Bowe is reinstated to Treasure Island Job Corps
*Accountability measures are put in place to prevent abuse, including, but not limited to the following:
-Females being required to undress in front of male guards and inmates
-Filthy, unsanitary & possibly disease-spreading conditions in cells
-The hostile & often violent treatment of arrestees at the hands of Sheriff Deputies, including the sexual harassment of female arrestees