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Abuser, Jamie Davis: Stop ILLEGALLY denying me THREE YEARS of visitation with my children!

GOOD mothers across the US are losing custody to violent and abusive men. These controlling men, often times, deny mothers access to their own children for years and years. I would like for the public to be aware of this scary trend to give custody to wife batterers and child abusers…even pedophiles!


I would like to thank DELTA AIRLINES for extending my tickets when Jamie Davis egregiously refused to adhere to the court’s order for summer visitations; he failed to send my children and lied to them denying that any tickets were ever mailed. The first time he did it we were going to Disney World. Jordan, Jasper, and Tabi were so excited! They especially wanted to swim at the beach, and see the dolphins. Needless to say, I was very distraught and your kind gesture still warms my heart. Thank you.

My eldest son, Joshua, recounted the day the children heard the devastating news that they had to live with their dad; Jordan & Tabitha’s reaction was to hurl their bodies onto the floor screaming & crying profusely; Jasper was in such shock that he just sat there crying. Within just a few hours of winning custody, the denial of court ordered phone contact started. That night Jamie refused to let me speak to them to soothe and comfort them; he hung up on me. My eldest boys have since aged out of the system. They miss their siblings immensely. The children are all very close; they always have been. Today, Jordan is 15, Jasper is nearly 14, and "sissy" or Tabitha is 11. My son, Josh, fled the day that he turned 17, before his birthday party; he was extremely stressed out and concerned for his safety. He returned home in 2010. Let's get Jordan, Jasper, and Tabi home in 2013-2014.

Y'all who know and love Jamie, exercise some common sense! It is not unusual for abusive men to lie about the mother in an attempt to gain your empathy or support. Did it ever occur to you that Jamie would take a baseball bat and slam it within inches of my 8 months pregnant belly?! Please read my entire petition to educate yourselves. 


Abusive men are very controlling. My ex once told my five children, “GOD struck down your puppies because mommy didn’t ask my permission to buy them!” Does this sound like a Sunday School Teacher’s comment? Hmmm. Well, after patiently waiting for his “permission” for 9 years, I purchased the children some German Shepherd puppies with my own money; one black and tan, and a black one. Mack and Jack were adorable, and the children were elated! They worked so hard to ensure that the puppies were being properly cared for, and trained. However, they became deathly ill in my husband’s care, while the children and I were out of town for the weekend. They died the following Monday, we only got to enjoy them for 3 weeks.  

GOOD mothers across the US are losing custody to violent and abusive men. These controlling men, often times, deny mothers access to their own children for years and years. I would like for the public to be aware of this scary trend to give custody to wife batterers and child abusers…even pedophiles!

BACKGROUND: My ex-husband told my eldest son, "If I win custody of you guys, Sherri has to move back..." Obviously, he is obsessed with me. I lost my relocation case and the judge switched custody. JAMIE DAVIS, never sought custody for their well-being; it was Domestic Violence by Proxy! According to Alina Patterson, author of Health & Healing, "a pattern of behavior which is apparent with a history of using domestic violence or intimidation, uses a child as a substitute when he no longer has access to his former partner." Please check out the article at for further explanation.


1) Will you sign my petition and share it with your Facebook friends, or email contacts? Please don’t assume that someone else will share it, I really need your help; 2) If you wish to email him, send me a private message after signing the petition; Jamie abuses helpless women and children in private; after all, he has an image to uphold. ;-) 


INSANITY RUNS IN HIS FAMILY:  These children are in an extremely volatile situation; Jamie’s father was institutionalized on 2 separate occasions! Bill’s own sons and brother-in-laws (Mel Mathis & Wes Cunningham) physically forced him into a car and took him to a mental hospital, after sitting catatonic in the master bedroom for 3 days. His father is also extremely violent! He threatened to kill my son Jordan, at the tender age of 11, and twisted his finger backwards really hard; social workers went there with police and told him never to do that again.


Within just 5 weeks of winning custody, Mr. Davis caused my boys to urinate themselves from fear during violent assaults. Have you ever wet your pants and lost complete control of your bladder from FEAR?! I have…on at least 3 occasions, it’s a horrifying experience; you literally think that you are going to die. You also feel very humiliated. Jamie Davis has choked, punched, laid across their throats and chest so that they cannot breathe, picked Jordan up by his neck and slammed him into the wall, stabbed Jasper with a pencil in the chest numerous times (it did not penetrate but hurt) and many other horrific things. I haven't even listed what he did to my oldest boys. I WILL BE GOING TO COURT TO ASK FOR CUSTODY; but, until that is financially feasible, I have to ask for your help, please sign my petition. EACH SIGNATURE BRINGS ME CLOSER TO MY CHILDREN!

THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION WAS DENIED BY JUDGE SHERRIL ROSEN TO BE ENTERED INTO EVIDENCE AT MY TRIAL, IN INDEPENDENCE, MO. Why would a judge suppress domestic violence evidence, when DV is a significant reason not to grant custody to a batterer in Missouri?! Jamie Davis broke my ribs; we were not even engaged in an argument! I had just returned from the neighbor's house and rolled over to go to sleep when his vicious assault started. Let me say that broken ribs are extremely painful, it takes all of 6 weeks to heal and pull a blouse over your head w/o excruciating pain). Moreover, Jamie Davis, gave me black eyes (In Feb 2005, I had 2 black eyes and bruising the entire month. In other words, each black eye lasted approximately two weeks; make-up would not conceal them. I saw “stars” with one black eye; I also had ringing in my left ear). It was humiliating to go to college and work--he hit me so hard on the side of my head that it caused the injuries), he stomped on my head w/ work boots (gave me a concussion & beat me in front of all FIVE children!! My eldest son tried his hardest to push him off to no avail, 3 of the boys were outside and ran in to see why the little ones were screaming, otherwise, I might not be here today), kicked me in my stomach, arms, legs, hands, head, all over my body, threw a basketball in my face 2 x's, launched full coke cans at my face (almost hit Jasper), laid on my chest and throat so that I could not breathe, picked me up by my throat & threw me off a 3’ porch backwards, pulled out my hair, slammed me into metal storage bins in my closet, punched my head, took a baseball bat and pushed me violently to the hard kitchen floor and hit the bat within inches of my 8 month along pregnant stomach 7-8 x's (with Jordan), slammed me onto the floor when I was 9 months pregnant (with Tabi), and slammed my head into the wall making a hole in the sheetrock the same evening (my physician was very angry stating, “Sherri, he could have killed both of you,” if the placenta had separated from the uterine wall), AND TONS OF OTHER STUFF.

In my case, the judge ruled against the Guardian Ad Litem, Debra Hale, (attorney for the kids) who testified that the children's best interests were to relocate with me. REALLY?! What is the point of having a lawyer to "protect" the kids if the judge is able to rule against them?! We had 5 of the 7 factors in determining custody. I did not have legal counsel until the latter part of the trial. My attorney, Allen Russell, quit without any notice right before the trial.


Q. What bothers me the most? Jamie, it bothers me that right after I had your 3rd baby, Jasper, you kicked me in the bottom with both of your feet, thus, making me fall onto the floor, when I was asleep no less. My bed was an antique reproduction and was very high off the ground. You are a cruel man. I believe his excuse was that I was lying on his side of the bed. REALLY?! He was also violent to me when I was pregnant with Jasper.

I am petitioning JAMIE LENN DAVIS & the entire DAVIS CLAN to stop this madness!!!! They have a voice and can influence JAMIE DAVIS to stop denying me my court ordered visitation AND telephone contact. It's time to get involved Billy G. & Sharon K. Davis, Stacey Dahlman (Bank Mgr. Commerce Bank, Harrisonville, MO), and Timothy L. Davis. No longer will I permit you to avoid these issues and pretend that Jamie is normal. I was a good daughter-in-law/sister-in-law. I made handmade quilts and nice fleece jackets for Sharon & Stacey. I treated them with respect & love. I don’t deserve this and neither do Jordan, Jasper, and Tabi. I realize that this is an unorthodox way of getting my visitation reinstated; but, this petition is all that I have…AND these are strange times in our society. I can’t imagine 30…40…50 years ago that women and children would be treated in such a manner, in a civilized society.  


I was the primary caregiver all of their lives. I stayed at home with them, I breastfed all FIVE of them for 10-12 months, I made them homemade breads, pastries, & buttermilk pancakes. I even made them homemade clothes and quilts! I gave them tons of love, helped them with their homework, we worked on essays in the summers, practiced speeches, and sang all sorts of songs with my Karaoke machine, I always took them to the doctor, got their immunizations, and gave them special hugs-n-kisses every day! Each & every morning I woke them up singing the "Good Morning" song

Please sign my petition for my children's sake. Jordan, Jasper and Tabitha. They love me and miss me so! They also miss their siblings, Joshua & Jacob, and their stepdad and step-siblings. There is no reason that these children should be separated! Let's get Jordan, Jasper, and Tabi home in 2013-2014. Please sign my petition and share it on your Facebook, or with your email contacts. I desperately need your help.

Thank you so much for caring enough to sign my petition. I really appreciate your love & kindness. Each signature makes me happy and gives me hope. Your comments give me inspiration as well. I always read them!


Sherri O’Neal

P.S. I would like to say THANK YOU-THANK YOU to all those who support domestic violence shelters!!!! We used one in St. Joe, MO (YWCA) and were so thankful that there was a safe haven for our family; my children received counseling too.


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