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Abuse Shelters Must Help Real Victims

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Abuse shelters have become filled with drug-abusers, alcoholics and homeless persons, most who have not been battered….while true victims are being locked out! Abuse shelters don’t provide substance abuse treatment. So these shelter residents are not even getting the help they need, yet they are taking beds from real victims in real danger.

We are calling on Rep. Gwen Moore of Wisconsin, co-chair of the Congressional Caucus for Women's Issues, to require that abuse shelters:

1. Assure real victims get the priority they deserve by requiring evidence of violence or credible proof of imminent violence.

2. Not engage in discriminatory practices.

3. Offer anger management and substance abuse services by qualified staff.

4. Assure a safe and respectful environment for victims and their children.

Shocking eye-witness accounts:

*         Barbara Rhyne-Tucker – Missouri:  

*        Patricia McCormick – New Hampshire:  

*        Eileen Pope – West Virginia:  

*         Desiree Carpenter – Washington:  

*         Nev Moore – Massachusetts:

For more information, see: Are Abuse Shelters Helping the True Victims of Domestic Violence?


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