Rationale for the Resignation of Acton-Boxborough School Superintendent Dr. Glenn Brand.

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On Thursday, May: 18th, 2017, the residents of Acton-Boxborough received a message that Acton-Boxborough Regional School Committee and Dr. Glenn Brand have mutually determined that Dr. Brand will resign as of June 30, 2017. The Committee will continue to pay Dr. Brand his salary under the effective contract through June 30, 2018.

This message had no clarity as why Dr. Brand needs to resign and what philosophical changes happened. There was a meeting held in RJ Grey Junior High Library on May-18th @ 7:00 PM. Many residents came to the meeting with high hopes, expecting details on this action but none was provided. In addition, there seems to be a rushed meeting on 5/24 to proceed to the next steps without properly addressing the concerns of the taxpayers and residents of this town.

Stability and continuity of the school leadership is very important to parents and for the wellbeing of students. In the interest of integrity and transparency we would urge the school committee to share additional details that led to this decision. Philosophical differences need to be aligned to a majority and not just the committee specifically. In this time when the superintendent was addressing many topics like the school renovation projects, change in school timming, transportation policy and other sensitive issues, such a change seems shocking. We urge the school committee to keep communication lines open so that the current situation is best understood before we forge on to the next steps. This petition is created on behalf of all Acton-Boxborough residents who feel they need a answer from the school committee regarding the current situation. Please sign the petition and support us in getting a response from the School Committee.

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