Petition: The Confiscation of Health Centers run by the Catholic Church-Eritrea

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                              Petition against the Confiscation of                                                     Health Centers run by the Catholic Church in Eritrea, East Africa

The Eritrean government has recently confiscated more the 30 Health Centers in which up to 200,000 patients are being treated each year.  This inhumane action was conducted without  any prior notice by sending security forces and throw the patients out of their bed by leaving them on the open street. Some the patients have already lost their life. Many of the care-taking Priests and Nuns who resisted the confiscation are now lingering in prison cells and dungeons. 

We call all peace loving individuals and Institutions to sign this Petition and  

  • a. Request the Eritrean government to stop its barbaric action immediately
  • b. Return immediately the confiscated Clinics back to the Church and allow to conduct its Health care activities.
  • c. Allow all religious institutions to practice their religious and social activities without any restriction
  • d. Release all  individuals Priests, Nuns, Pastors, Sheiks, Imams and Bishops who are imprisoned due to  their religious belief.
  • Eritrean  Religious Community  Diaspora
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