Provide Emergency Housing for Victims of 650 Parliament Fire

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Update (Dec. 08): 

650 Parliament Residences Inc. spokesperson Danny Roth confirmed in a public meeting that management / ownership will provide bi-weekly updates on restoration, along with City Building Officials and Fire Department Officials. Updates will be posted on Kristyn Wong Tam's website. Danny Roth also committed to putting pressure on the relocation centre to do a better job in providing its services.

The petition will continue, to put pressure on 650 Parliament Residences Inc. and its owners to do the right thing for its tenants during this difficult time.

Update (Nov. 23):

Management / Ownership of 650 Parliament announced on Friday, November 23rd, it will continue to fund hotel accommodations. However, it is not clear whether these hotel accommodations will continue until restoration is complete. There is also concerns about communication and coordination that residents still want to see addressed.

A six-alarm electrical fire occurred at 650 Parliament
August 21, 2018. As a result of the fire, approximately 1,500 tenants and residents including approximately 300 children were displaced from their homes.

Victims of the fire were at first housed by the City of Toronto and the Red Cross. 650 Parliament owners started providing assistance at the beginning of October including providing hotel accommodations.

On November 15, management decided to end funding for over 300 residents living in hotels. On December 1, these residents could face homelessness.

Most of these residents are either immigrant families or people suffering from disabilities. None of them have alternative accommodations and will end up in shelters.

The City of Toronto has the resources to help coordinate housing efforts for victims of the fire.

Bleeman Holdings and other owners - have the resources to help coordinate housing efforts for victims of the fire.

I am asking both the City of Toronto and the owners of 650 Parliament to work together and coordinate an adequate response to the housing situation facing tenants.

The owners of 650 Parliament and the City of Toronto should provide accommodations to ALL tenants and occupants until restoration is completed.

If the owners of 650 Parliament refuse to adequately house tenants, the city should coordinate the effort and send Bleeman Holdings and and other owners the bill.

Personal story
I was a victim of the fire and want to find justice for my room mate and neighbours. Lots of people from 650 Parliament have expressed concerns about where they will stay in December. The same residents are very concerned about finding accommodations until restoration is complete - which is slated to be June at the earliest.


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