Abolish the statute of limitations for sexual abuse of children!

Abolish the statute of limitations for sexual abuse of children!

21 December 2020
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Bundesministerium für Justiz
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Started by Tour41 e.V.

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My name is Markus and I am a victim of childhood sexual abuse and maltreatment. The perpetrators were never punished, because the same statute of limitations applies to the sexual abuse of children as to a home burglary.

There should be no statute of limitations for abuse against children! That is why I have started this petition and demand that the statute of limitations be abolished. 

Anyone who is a victim of sexual abuse as a child or adolescent is filled with fear, feelings of shame and guilt. Often the perpetrators come from the immediate social environment, and the children and adolescents are at their mercy without protection. They are unable to categorize what has happened and often see no other option than to endure the unimaginable in silence.

Many of those affected do not have the strength to press charges until much later in adulthood. If it comes after a long time to the report, the proof is generally already difficult to lead in most cases. The statute of limitations is an unnecessary and unacceptable obstacle here. Once the statute of limitations has expired, those affected have no recourse. They feel that they are not being taken seriously, and no one is listening to them. The investigating authorities, such as the police and the public prosecutor's office, are unable to act because there is no legal basis. The perpetrators can continue unchallenged!

Sexual abuse in childhood can have different consequences for the victims. The trauma and the resulting trauma sequelae are manifold. A ticking time bomb inside, undetected and untreated as a chronic complex trauma unfolds its destructive effect and makes a normal life difficult to impossible.

For five years I have been trying to get a therapy place for the treatment of chronic complex trauma. I am incapacitated and do not get the help to lead a normal life again. The perpetrators are contentedly enjoying their Passion Eve, enjoying Christmas, vacations and prosperity. This is no justice!

Please help me get rid of the statute of limitations and sign my petition. My goal is 1,000,000 signatures!

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Signatures: 727,073Next Goal: 1,000,000
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