Abolish the caste system at Cannes Film Festival

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The world-renowned Cannes Film Festival runs a caste system. It segregates reporters in different color badge groups, which determine how long the reporters have to wait outside before seeing a film. For lower-color-badge reporters, the wait can mean hours queueing in the hot sun, which is additional work time imposed by the system. For reporters with higher color badges (usually awarded to big press), the shorter waiting time doesn’t make their job easier, since they have to take up more responsibilities to cover different events. 

This is how Cannes milks the value of work from reporters to maintain its image as the most privileged cinema event in the world. But to reporters, it’s humiliation and frustration, and it creates divisions among their fellow colleagues.

Such practice shouldn’t exist in 2018! We demand Cannes Film Festival abolish the caste system!