Abolish termination of parents rights & CPS/Dcf

Abolish termination of parents rights & CPS/Dcf

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Started by Jenifer Borovy
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 Mission statement : Today let's save a family and honor mother's and fathers and innocent children  with other laws that will benefit the american people along with world wide  ❤️ by signing this  share. Let's make a difference in the world.  every humans signature counts to make the difference come true. 

 Summary:There are so many people in the world that are parents and children that have suffered because of separation of families due to government federal funding for government entity like child net & DCF/CPS.  Family Court and the Corruption in the world wide , also saving children from murders pedophiles. 


Pedophile act 

(No pedophile child molester killer clown craze.)  shall have custody of any children that is not legally biological.)

( No pedophile, child molester ;murder shall ) work as a state or county worker with cps or dcf and affiliated by sub contractors affiliated ect. 

no person under this law will work around  or near  where children are living schools ect . if you continue to violate this part of law habitual offender then you will serve minimum  sentence 15 years , maximum - execution , death row.  

no person shall dress up and pretend to be a Juggalos for negative reasons like killing good citizens , or molesting , pedophilia towards children. This would constitute as a negative impact and would not be considered family members. 


Zero Tolerance Policy : human trafficking government abductions for profit 

 they will not zero Tolerance policy for  trafficking humans adults or children & Kidnapped & Abducted by a government entity(CPS/DCF workers ect.)just like Ms Maxwell & Jeffrey Epstein did with the connection to childnet Inc. Broward county and palm beach Florida.

human traffickers: can be drug dealers pimps madams family members who have criminal organized associates.

not victims will be protected under the victim rights act and the cps victims domestic abuse act human rights parents bill of rights.   examples : jeffery epstin mrs maxwell  ect. 


 social worker (DCM) Olivia D . Easley Greensboro north Carolina judge Rosemarie Scher  from palm beach county .all other  associated affiliates

in the criminal organization  around the world will be shown on tv and will have a trial publicly to show her as an example of abuse of government power to harm the American people. 

consequences of not following the laws of the people of the world. 

( If the government doesn't do this then the American people will loose faith in the government on protection of family and could possibly loose the next election by this one vote by the people. )


Therapeutic Foster Care

Kristen Tolbert palm beach county and workers government officials associated or affiliated with or  in crime against the people for profit or career gain or other personal reasons that violate the united states constitution or peace with the people on their families. 

will be held accountable for their actions of corrosion and government psychology abuse. Jailed for 35  years each victim found parents and children who committed purging and false documentation in court which would be a violation of court order  and other crimes of the law . 

they will not violate this order , if any person under this new color of  law violates they will be punished for the maximum sentence of 100 years or life depending on crimes and how many violations and victims are found . 

side note :

Donald trump will be pardon for all crimes  and their will be public record .since he is innocent and democrats abused the power of the laws for their own gain in the 2020/ 2024 election.  Donald trump  will be approved and appointed to get a third term for president to be fair and judged by only the all  American people. and any president who is doing the job right as president of the united states for the people and under the law of the united states constitution and world peace also human equality for man kind no segregation or enslavement of the Americans people. 

Hillary and Bill Clinton Joe Biden hunter Biden Nancy polosi will be jailed immediately for treason and pedophiles no immunity ECT. And the whole Clinton team will be charged with money laundering extortion  organized crimes ect  and affiliated with the current corruption for the last 450  years and the unnecessary  raid of Donald trumps property with a public apology with public trials and records..  


this  whole bill goes in effective immediately day of signature.


 CPS DCF Victims Act:

Summary:  That there are now parents and children like me & my children who have been victimized by the system . There are children who suffer enormously because of the system failing them and making them a victim. 

The government abductions/Separation of family will cause parental alienation/ alienation of  affection and other healthcare issues for all women men and children. 

No  corruption of government  officials  they will not get  immunity for their crimes against Americans and world wide.. 

no immunity law : government officials 

 corruption of : judges lawyers government officials should have no immunity & should be charged with multiple different crimes the crimes should not be held lightly these crimes that the government workers & entity lawyers & judges who make bad decisions &  prejudge parents & children only by what they see on paperwork by a bonded government worker(CPS/DCF/police department/ United Methodist church/Catholic charities  sub contractors ect .) should be held accountable and responsible for their own  evil treasonous actions.

Meetings with Parents: Judges 

(every party will have respect towards one another .)

Judges should meet with the parents separately in  close Chambers,  With their lawyers or the parents are pro se, or  advocate. The judges should meet with the parents & the children during a number of amount of visitation unsupervised or supervised see the difference in the treatments of how much the children love their  biological families . The judges should meet with the children with the parents/family members/guardian /confidant & advocate.  the lawyers in court with  all branches of court transparency and public records and will not tell the people to stop recording government officials who are elected or otherwise by the people..  just like criminal court for trials  . judges will hear all sides . they will not tell the parents to shut up or stop proceedings because of the emotional trauma that the court puts on the parents. they all will have respect towards each other. 

Children's Law:

the children should have a say and sign the records  starting at 7 years old. just like adults and understand the document they sign by their constitutional  fundamental birth rights. But all children who have been government abduction and sold to foster parents will be charged and prociuted to the fullest extent under human rights and civil rights laws.  

All parents and children  rights

all have the right to sue the government officials and co defendants with the help of their biological family or members advocates that are for the biological family rights. biological parents have the right to sue all parties responsible for all different laws broken and have required payment of restitution to  all victims parents get a certain amount and children will get a certain amount. the defendants will have the responsibility to pay for the damage out of pocket to the court and other court fees and to all victims in all 50states and worldwide. 

the children's rights dont override the  biological  parents rights unless the whole biological family or advocate of the family agrees with the children or they are in danger of  death . (the judge only cannot override the United States of America constitutional fundimental rights of parents  ) victims have more rights than abusers pedophiles murders and violent offenders. not all parents are bad. not all children are bad. only the situations they are put in during life events. 

 the children will not sign any documents that are outdated and forged  under corrosion government intrusion manipulated kidnapping abduction personal gain   government officials extortion for profit. 


All parents will refuse to sign the safety plan that CPS trying to force you to sign your rights over. Any parents that have signed their parents rights will be restored immediately.

American citizens : can arrest who see a crime can intervene for the safety of the children if crimes are happening in public or violent crimes. but must have valid proof that the court can judge fairly on the situation. 

example : a citizen sees a crime of a man beating a woman in public or harming the children then they can call in the crime to law enforcement for them to investigate.  or if the family has been murdered. but the crime has to be valid with the constitutional fundamental rights human rights and other laws that were broken. 

All  parties have to agree if the children want to be adopted if they have no other family left that is living and they are orphan's .not children who were government kidnapped and sold for personal gain or profit.

If you are parents and want to  have a abortion then you can have an option to  adoption. 2022 there are 14 million babies killed by abortion every year in the united states of america. 

But if the parents don't want to abortion and want their children then no government entity government official  or intrusion  should be able to touch those biological children with out valid reason by law of criminal acts that violate the united states constitution .

Judges will also meet with the government entities & others to discuss things with the parents or family member that is on the original birth certificate , guardian , or advocate for family .and with full transparency and public record. only the biological parents can get full records with out paying the court a fee.( These laws are for birth parents and birth children only no foster parents no adopted parents allowed to qualify for anything in this bill other than directly towards them.) 

Parents have a right to voice their fundamental constitutional rights  and their free speech anywhere they want and the judges must uphold the laws. 

 Biological  parents Judges & Community, Jury Peers of the court ect  individual case   basis will help to reunification process immediately. starting with the reunification of  Ryan James Anthony Renehan Michael William Renehan Butler , Trenton Cassidy Butler , Dante Alexander Borovy , Kaleb Jarred Borovy and with every child that has been wrongfully government abducted human trafficking kidnapping . 

The parents pardon first award  goes to

Jenifer Ann Renehan- Borovy and give her a medal of heroism for being the modem day patriot of parents for her involvement in the movement to ensure human equality and  her part as advocate  parents/ Victim  rights. 

 There are many millions of parents like me who are continuing to fight to be a part of their children's lives after they were  humiliated scared and victimized humanly trafficked /kidnapped /abducted by the government entity workers judges lawyers who pretend to do a job to the best of their ability for failed  best interest of the children only to  fail the parents & the children their safety and security & there fundamental constitutional rights of the United States of America & all over the world.



Abolish Termination of Parent rights and  corruption of Child Protective Services and associates co defendants act :

We need to abolish termination of parental rights we need to abolish cps/dcf & all 50 government entities in America and worldwide.

we need to abolish termination of parents rights entirely.  The biological parents should have full custody regardless of family issues as long as the parent has not been charged with murder pedophile child molester ect 

. We need to charge the government workers judges entity etc with custodial interference and hold them accountable for human trafficking kidnapping and abduction of children that were born to the biological parents in all 50 states and world wide.

There should be a separation between government and family human rights. We need family Court reform in all aspects. Family Court should be treated Just like criminal Court judged by other peers in the community we need to make parental alienation by other parent or parties connected to the case especially judges and government officials who are supposed to represent the American  citizens or in the United States Constitution as it states We the people. Or whatever it says in your country about your biological laws of being a parent.

Being a parent is not a privilege it is a fundamental Natural  right of being born in the united states of america or country you live in world wide..

every parent and child is bonded at birth. and will date back to the 1900s to present day .

we will honor biological parents as humans and heroes.  All women will no longer be third class citizens we will be first class citizens.

parents bill of rights:

this bill is for victims and parents rights human rights equality toward human kind and what is protected and what is not protected in the parents bill of rights. 


 medical neglect will fall under this part of the bill but also the parents bill of rights and the  cps victims rights act. 

hospital neglect will also fall under violations of the parents bill of rights.  Any hospital or vital statistics that can't provide the birth parents record is in violation of parents and children rights and violation of transparency laws along with other charges. They will receive 50 years for each charge. 


foster sales of children for profit Act:

Foster parents or adopted parents  guardians who have helped aiding and abetting to the kidnapped abducted children by government entity judges & so forth will be charged with  multiple felony crime of alienation of affection of a parent and parental alienation and other violation of birth parents rights.  immediate removal of the child or children  in government care reunification to the biological parents /full custody. 

Daniel C. barcus and co defendants connected to Jenifer Borovy's case  will be the humans that will be walking in to jail in palm beach county awaiting trail in public. streaming all over the world to show that bad adopted parents who dont follow the law will be held accountable everywhere with the zero tolerance policy. 


violations of contract by government officials:

 if judges government entity workers officer's and officials" tell a biological parent their children do not want to speak to them."  Without the children expressing so in a legal way /private way between biological parents and biological children appointed guardian by parents 


inheritance act : for child or adult. 

inheritance for the child or adult that was a child with parents death. 

if parents are locked up for felony or passed away the inheritance  and social security fund act  will go to the child or advocate for the child to use for basic needs with record of every thing bought for the child from food clothes  for the child to survive to be an adult and continue till their death ect. 


backer act law amendment 

no adopted or foster parent will backer acted/ backer act  a child with out biological parents consent and if biological parents say no then there's no way for the adoption parents to go behind the birth  parents rights because that would be a violation of parents rights. and it cant be under duress or forced of government officials or doctors.  the biological parents must see the child in person and see if the child will tell the parent what is the situation to ensure the child gets the right mental health help they deserve. the parents and adopted parents if they both parties agree to have joint custody but the biological parents rights can override anytime anything the  adopted parents right.  if under criminal charges or for medical valid life saving situations to help the child or adult. 


Biased Judge act :

No bias judge shall be appointed to the bench in family court. No judge shall move during a case from one type of court to another. As an example" I had one judge that did not show up for the day & they (had a replacement judge) however the judge was a criminal /juvenile/judge.



Now is the time for  All parents to unite and stand up for our rights. Let's tell Congress/ legislators/ President of United States of America and world.  that we as the people will not tolerate this type of Dirty business behavior in our family lives. our vote matters ( Freedom USA����)


 Eric moore Act 

Let me make this clear if a grandparents  or family member keeps the children away from the biological parents out of spite or vengeance parental alienation  after parents death or horrific /traumatizing situation  that would fall under violated constitutional fundamental rights of parents in America and world wide.. and biological  parents bill of rights . If Eric Moore is in jail for being falsely accused by other family members who have pure hate for loving his biological daughter. Then he needs to be immediately released from jail and those accusations that the other parties spew out their negative neglected Parental alienation abusers mouth should be put in prison for the rest of their life.

Eric Edward Moore biological father of Alexis Moore is a hero for parents rights and will also receive a medal of honor for his bravery to ensure parents have rights.

 violation:  would also human civil constitutional  rights  consequences of these rights   can and will be subjected to court prosecution  and sued  maybe jail time and anyone who is in the government that helps them like lawyers prosecutors   cps workers government officials that have kept children away from their natural rights and biological rights  ect.

We are for restore family rights but don't violate it or face consequences under parents bill of rights human rights civil rights children's rights .  offenders will be punished and the world will see it. 


Juggalo Clown Law 

(we must respect all juggalos and keep their legacy going just like any other human being in the constitution under the law it states we the people.

the people can be any identify as family of Juggalo's from every city state or country.    long as it doesn't cause a negative impact on the other  Americans people  with in reason and no violence. ) August 25 2022 will be known as Juggalo's National Day. Each year they will all gather in a different state to remember the legacy of the misfits who are family and honor the creators of that genre of  music.  All insane clown posse will recognize that one of their own in palm beach county Florida Jenifer Renehan-Borovy is their top #1fan and they will come to palm beach county Florida do an interview and record a song about parents rights for all Juggalos and jugglettes 

 ALL juggalo's  under record labels will become recognized as good citizens of america and heroes to the public of America  . they will no longer be labeled as unruly  or misguided youth / adult retarded or mentally ill by the law enforcement or any government agency.

it will be public award all over the world  .  they will hold a gathering once a year to acknowledge the next best juggalo for the year. the first year of award show will host by violent jay and shaggy 2 dope, or anyone that is part of or has been authorized by the original owners. ( no juggalo shall refuse to do the show regardless of their past or present beef due to the fact we are not a gang we are family  and we need to show the world unity's of family)

negative impacts : include doing violent things in public to other people because they feel like it. or have a biased towards the people who listen to the music or the person who makes the music like Karen's or kens .  example :  a juggalo clown becomes a gang member then they will not be able to be identify as a member of the family. 

no dcf cps worker or government agency entity ect , will use this law against any parent for any reason to remove the children from their home.

 ( if they do they will be subjected to 50 years in jail with a fine of $1000 per victim (parent or Child) and returned the wrongfully removed child back to biological family immediately it will violate any constitutional rights of parents and children for generations to come. 

FBI or any Government agency will no longer be on the FBI gang list . if any worker violates this order they will be put in jail for no more than 25 years.   

( if any government worker changes these laws for a negative agenda they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of violation of constitutional rights as freedom of speech or freedom to be human rights civil rights

 the people/ juggalo's  have the rights  to sue any government official or workers for judgments of discrimination gender identity music orientation  .

  so as  we the people / juggalo's  family members to express their love for their music in a peaceful way of life regardless of the words they record on paper or in the studios or in public. 


Dementia act 

Male nurses are required for male patients who are unruly and violent and to ensure the safety of nurses that are female. It's 50 female 50 male and 10 patients per doctor and per nurse. 


LGBTQ Community Rights Act:


if you Identify as LGBTQ, queer trans unic ect  Memeber of the community and are not committing violent crimes will also be protected from the united states constitutions and the laws must be upheld. 

any person that commits a crime against a member can and will be prosecuted for hate crimes and gender identity , united states constitutional rights human ect .   


(the person who started the bill will be reconized as a member and will be honored for the work of giving the rights to the community citizens.  



failure  of best interest of families of America and world wide 

No parents and children should be failed by the state/government they residents/Born in. And adult who has been a victim of DCF CPS will  be able to file a  valid lawsuit against the state/government of (______) and corporation of government entity. The Biological parents  (under parents rights bill )will regain custody immediately and will have a valid  lawyer  that individualized to their case and needs  given to them automatically to ensure they don't violated anything else in the court. Also the lawyers will not abuse the parents/guardian/children and make back door deals with judges or DCF CPS with out parents  and children there to speak for themselves. Let's hold dcf/cps accountable for all the murders that they have done to children in all 50 states/world wide  for all the years  dating back to 1900 to present 2022-2024 and future .

Let's preserve the right to be a  family. There is no bond greater than blood when it comes to children and parents/guardian. Let's make it a crime that if anyone says that person should not be a parent they get charged with custodial interference/abduction and get  maximum jail time. Let's make separation of family illegal in the United States and all over the world.  



So now you the people have the power to sign and share donate to save a family today. 

331 have signed. Let’s get to 500!