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We need to put an end to this horrible-inhumane practice. Often animals are
rounded up, big dogs with small dogs, cats with dogs, aggressive dogs with oldor sick dogs and the gas is turned on-carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide. Once the button is pushed, the technician high-tails it away from there. Technicians have said they sometimes can hear screaming as they go.
It has been said shelter animals killed via carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide. "Animals struggle to desperately hold on to life, some panic.
When there are other animals present - as there often are - it's not
unusual for attacks to break out."
Gassing animals causes unnecessary suffering and results in an inhumane death.
If successful, the gas chamber can take up to 25 minutes to end the animal's life. Animals don't always die in gas chambers. Investigations have shown that some shelter personnel have admitted to breaking kittens' and puppies' necks with shovels when they wouldn't die or drowning animals in buckets of water.
Doug Fakkema, the nations euthanasia expert-has stated: "the animal is in a warm or hot box-usually with other animals. They don't know whats going on. The hiss of gas is going on inside. They get dizzy and panic. Fights break out, and animals' calls can be heard."
Animals are living breathing beings that experience pain, suffering, fear & sadness. They are loving and loyal and do not deserve to die such a cruel death at the hands of a humans.
PLEASE SIGN MY PETITION & PUT A STOP TO GAS CHAMBERS. The only thing these poor defenseless animals did was be born.

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