Get Ableton AG to include the option to zoom using the mouse's scrollwheel in Ableton Live

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Many of us who have been working with a wide variety of audio software for many years have become used to being able to zoom in and out with the mouse's scroll wheel, with it having become an extremely important factor in our work flow as creatives.

However, for some reason Ableton Live still doesn't include this basic option which many people have been wanting for a long time, that has even caused potential new converts to Ableton being put off from using this DAW, for this factor alone.

We the undersigned feel that Ableton AG has been massively overlooking the importance of including this small (and very easy to code) feature and urge them to include it in a forthcoming update, both for the benefit of its existing users and for itself as a company as this could gain them new converts to their great DAW! :)