Vote Of No Confidence for the Superintendent of Aberdeen School District

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We, the undersigned Parents, Citizens and Tax Payers of the Aberdeen School District, have composed this letter to express our dissatisfaction with the current Superintendent, Dr. Alicia Henderson.

This letter is an expression of our “Vote of No Confidence” in Dr. Alicia Henderson and her ability to run our schools.  We understand the severity of this decision and did not arrive at it hastily.    

Aberdeen School District has always been a district to be proud of, one of where decisions were made on a collaborative basis with the best interest of our students in mind.  Aberdeen School District has always been a district that experienced great vision from our leaders, and teachers were given the respect and support to achieve our goals.

Throughout the past few school years we have had concerns regarding Dr. Henderson’s leadership specifically concerning trust, collaboration, decision making, vision, her lack of respect for parents and staff and communication and her lack of investment and visibility she displays for our community, her inability to create positive working relationships with staff members and the community. 

She has created an environment of intimidation that makes staff and administrators fear to speak out on behalf of our students and community. 

For these reasons stated, we the undersigned are voting “No Confidence” in Dr. Alicia Henderson.