Keep Red Robin Records outdoor seating

Keep Red Robin Records outdoor seating

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Aberdeen City Council

Why this petition matters

Started by Gemma Duthie

Aberdeen City Council (ACC) have refused planning permission for Red Robin Records outdoor seating pods.  These pods were built and placed during the first lockdown due to the Scottish Government relaxing the law to allow businesses to continue operating.  The main reason the pods have been rejected is……due to them “causing a detrimental impact on the character and appearance of the Union Street Conservation area.” 

We feel that the council have got it very wrong with their decision and we want to reach out for your help and support.  

The first thing to note is that ACC have said time and time again that they support small businesses and they also support cafe culture.  By refusing our planning permission what ACC are actually saying is that they believe cafe culture should not express individuality, it should be controlled by them and should only be placed in designated areas with a look that’s agreeable to a small minority of people who work for ACC.

Our pods have been a great addition and our customers love them.  Our weather is not twined with Paris so we took the decision to create pods where customers could enjoy their coffee whatever the weather.

We chose a local artist we love to design the exterior of the pods as a nod to our brand and what we do in the cafe. We argue they do not cause a detrimental impact on the appearance of the conservation area but improve it through added aesthetic interest, bring more people to the area and attract passing trade to all businesses in the area.

We strongly feel that cafe culture is organic and that independent businesses have a right to express themselves so that each style adds to the culture and diversity of the city.  Without freedom to provide innovative ideas and designs such a culture will be unable to develop or flourish and Aberdeen will continue to have a barren city centre. 

If you would like to support us please sign our petition so that we can take the next step and appeal ACC’s decision, this appeal process will go to Edinburgh along with all your support signatures to show the Scottish Government that the people of Aberdeen support its local independent businesses.

Like a lot of small local businesses we are operating on a knifes edge and some months have worried it might be our last. The pods on a personal level provide additional seating and business which we need due to the loss of indoor seating to ensure Red Robin Records doesn’t have to close the doors forever. 

1,184 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!