Save "The Chew" TV show

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ABC has announced the cancellation of MULTIPLE EMMY NOMINEE AND EMMY AWARD WINNING The Chew after 7 seasons. It will be replaced by a 3rd hour of Good Morning America (a 3rd hour of a show with "morning" in its name that will actually air after noon - hasn't that been done before - unsuccessfully?).  This is a huge slap in the face to loyal Chew viewers. What caused this change? Are we all of a sudden not your demographic? Are the ratings not good enough? If not, compared to what? It's particularly confusing when I come across this press release straight from Disney/ABC from the start of 2018:

ABC’s ‘The Chew’ Opens 2018 With New Season Highs Across All Key Measures‘
I guess "New Season Highs" gets you canceled 5 months later....

Based on the viewer backlash, this cancellation was a huge error in judgment. Let's let ABC know what a bad decision it was. And, if ABC chooses not to acknowledge their mistake and reinstate The Chew,  maybe another network will. This show is just too good to be axed completely.

Why do we love The Chew? Speaking personally and based on thousands of comments from loyal viewers, it's summed up in a few words. It's uplifting, educational, hilarious, inspirational, happy and fun. The camaraderie between the hosts is infectious and authentic. In this politically charged and divisive climate a lot of us want an escape from the real world and The Chew provides that. It feels like we are sitting around the table with our family cracking jokes, playing games, doing crafts, laughing, and of course cooking and eating.

On the practical side of things, it's not just the 3 wonderful co-hosts (Clinton Kelly, Michael Symon & Carla Hall) that are about to be unemployed, but also a crew of around 150 people. People that were bringing us the best daytime show on network TV.

It is my hope that this petition will bring The Chew back to us after season 7, but if not let's give a HUGE shout-out to Clinton, Michael and Carla for entertaining us for 7 years. But also Gordon Elliott who came up with the idea for this crazy good show and, of course, the crew that made it happen every day. 

Fingers crossed we can effect change and keep The Chew on our TV screens for years to come!