Save The Chew from being cancelled!

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ABC has decided to cancel the award winning talk show, The Chew, hosted by Michael Symon, Carla Hall, and Clinton Kelly. This show brings so much laughter and joy while teaching amazing cooking techniques. Instead the network wants to replace it with more news that is just depressing and stressful. There is plenty of that in this world. We need more happy moments! If this show goes off of the air, it will affect so many people. 150 people will lose their jobs, including producers, camera people, hair and make-up, set designers, recipe developers, and many others! The Chew has become a staple in the lives of all of their "Super Fans" and has been there through the births of children, cancer treatments, graduations, weddings, visiting sick loved ones, and all other life events. It would be a shame and a loss to lose such a wonderful institution. 

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