Save “The Chew”

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ABC recently announced that they are canceling the Emmy Award-winning show, The Chew, after its current 7th season run.  During a time that our nation is severely divided by politics, The Chew offers a much needed daily escape from reality and the constant barrage of negative and depressing news that fills our airwaves.  More importantly, The Chew consistently delivers great tips, recipes and information that inspires the home cook in all of us, proving that even in our daily hectic lives, cooking can help unite, bringing friends and family together to enjoy great company and great food.  Hosts Clinton Kelly, Chef Michael Symon and Chef Carla Hall deliver this inspiration to viewers everyday in a way that is genuine and entertaining, bringing much needed laughter to our days. Given that The Chew is so family-oriented, it is even more surprising that ABC, a network owned by Disney, has decided to strip it from its program schedule.  Please join me in recommending that ABC seriously reconsider its recent decision to cancel The Chew.  Or, if ABC remains oblivious to the value and viewership The Chew brings to their network, then let’s rally to get another network to pick up this great show!