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Save Still Star-Crossed

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Full letter to ABC Studios:

To whomever this may concern,

Over the course of a few months we have endured cancellations of quite a few diverse shows. Some prime examples are Sense8, The Get Down, and Pitch. These shows were important to a lot of viewers for various of reasons. Not only did these shows provide us with important representation and compelling storylines, they also provided us with hope. It is no secret that people of colour have been treated unjustly in this industry, and it is frustrating to see stories with stunning plots being cast aside, especially when those stories are filled with diversity.

It has come to our attention that the period drama we have come to love is said to suffer the same fate as the shows briefly mentioned above. There have been articles written about how Still Star-Crossed is in very high risk of getting canceled, mainly because of its expensive budget and low ratings. You have changed its schedule twice, and the show is currently set to be aired every Saturday night starting July 8th.

What we find the most upsetting about this situation is that the show is rumoured to have been set out to fail from the very beginning. Us viewers love this show dearly, and it seems unjust to not give the show an actual chance to blossom. We feel like the poor promotion for Still Star-Crossed is a contributing factor to the low ratings. How can you expect high ratings, when people are not even aware that the show exists?

Arranging a new schedule for the show would prove to be beneficial for the ratings. Still Star-Crossed’s current Saturday night time slot will not help with its low ratings. Although, the ratings would no doubt increase with better promotion, and with that being the case, it makes some of us wonder why you have not taken the effort to properly promote the show?

In terms of the expensive budget, us viewers are very invested in the show, and would not mind a reduced budget if it meant saving the show from cancellation. If that is out of the question, it is still of the utmost importance that you promote Still Star-Crossed properly.

We beg of you to, after reading this letter, take what we have said into consideration. Please give the show a chance. It deserves a second season, and you can make it possible with better promotion.

If ABC is unwilling to renew the show, us fans urge other networks like Netflix or Hulu to pick up Still Star-Crossed. The show has a tremendous amount of potential. If ABC or another network decides to give the show an actual chance, and promote it right, there is no doubt in my mind that the show would have a good and stable following. It would be a definite hit! 

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