Revive Robin: Because Flashbacks Just Aren't Enough

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In a show that is all about hope, Outlaw Queen fans were cut to the quick when Hades struck Robin with the Olympian Crystal. Our hope for a happy ending for Regina vanished the moment his soul "ceased to exist." Yes, Adam and Eddie have just revealed that Sean Maguire is back on set, but for flashbacks. Where is the hope in that? It gives us a glimpse into the past but no insight to a future that includes a happily ever after. 

So let's bring Robin back for good! Let's give Roland and Baby Robin a chance to learn and grow under their father's guidance and let's be Outlaw Queen's Savior and return their happy ending!  And if our hands start shaking in the process of signing, then it's the price we  pay to bring back HOPE! 

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