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Renew "Marvel's Agent Carter" For a Third Season

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"Marvel's Agent Carter" is currently in its second season. While critically it has been very well received, the ratings have been sufficiently low. This puts the show in great danger of getting cancelled. It's also been reported that Hayley Atwell has been cast as the lead in ABC's new legal drama "Conviction", which has been green-lit for a pilot episode. According to, if "Conviction" gets picked up for a full first season AND "Agent Carter" is renewed for a third season, then Hayley's schedule will accomodate both shows.

It cannot be stressed enough about how much of a disappointment it would be to lose this one-of-a-kind show. Peggy Carter has had a place in all of our hearts and continues to inspire and empower men & women all over the world. Her intelligence, bravery, kindness and badasserie has been such a lively experience for fans of the show to get to watch over the course of two seasons. And needless to say, it certainly is quite remarkable to see a character spark such positive impact on so many people. 

We believe in this show and the quality that it gives to the audience. It has a very strong cast, it's brilliantly-written, has great character-development, all while being an extremely fun action-packed adventure that is pure entertainment for the audience to enjoy every week. There isn't any other show out there that is in much similarity to this one and television is in desperate need of more programmes that have well-written, complex and strong forefront/lead female characters. And even though we don't know what the finale of season two has in store for us, if anything, there is huge potential in terms of evolving and unfolding Peggy's story. Continuing to explore her history/backstory and seeing the progression of the relationships with those around her is just a small sample of what they could possibly explore within another season.

We urge ABC and everyone involved with the making of "Agent Carter" to know that we (the fans) understand that while the ratings are not depicting a good picture, it's fairly obvious that any fan would absolutely hate to see the show go. Especially, if the end of season two possibly results in leaving the viewers on an unfinished note. Bringing back this marvelous show for a third season would not only mean allowing the fans to continue to join Peggy on her amazing journey & evolution as a character, but as well as maintaining its identity as being one of the most unique shows on television. On behalf of anyone in full support of renewing "Marvel's Agent Carter", please do us the wonderful favour and renew it for a third season!

P.S. Now until the end of season two, whether you watch on the east or west coast, please please PLEASE make sure to watch "Agent Carter" when they air the episodes LIVE! You can still DVR it to watch later, but remember that we have to get those ratings up and EVERY SINGLE VIEWER COUNTS. Tune in on Tuesday's at 9/8 central only on ABC!   

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