Hosts of "The View" - Apologize for your insulting comments about the nursing profession.

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On September 14, during a discussion regarding Sunday's Miss America pageant, Michelle Collins and Joy Behar thoughtlessly made some incredibly rude comments about the original monologue Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson performed during the talent portion of the contest that not only insulted her, but the hundreds of thousands of other men and women around the world who don their nurse "costume" and "doctor stethoscope" every day to compassionately and vigilantly provide care for patients from all walks of life, suffering from countless different medical issues.

Ms. Johnson's heartfelt story of her experience with a patient suffering from Alzheimer's touched the hearts of many viewers, and many of the nurses and healthcare professionals watching were able to relate to her on a very personal and meaningful level - much more so than with the ladies showcasing their talents in music and other various forms of art and entertainment. It was very inspiring to see a woman willing to abandon tradition and speak about a situation so dear to her heart, bringing honor to her chosen profession and proving that she is so much more than just a pretty face.

Ms. Collins referred to the monologue as Ms. Johnson "basically reading her emails", and Ms. Behar questioned why she was wearing "a doctor's stethoscope" around her neck. Both of these ladies are quite obviously entirely ignorant as to what exactly the profession of nursing entails, and what exactly those "doctor's stethoscopes" we wear around our necks are used for. As nurses, we are highly trained to use our stethoscopes to assess the various sounds made by the human anatomy, and to know when those sounds are abnormal and may indicate something is failing within our patients' bodies. With our stethoscopes, we are able to ensure that a brand-new infant's lungs are fully developed and functioning properly, and to know when an elderly loved one's heart has ceased to beat and they have departed this world. We are able to determine from the sounds made by a patient's intestines whether they may be suffering from a life-threatening bowel obstruction and require immediate intervention. In fact, many doctors often have to borrow our stethoscopes during the ten minutes a day they are with the patients that we care for around the clock.

For these privileged women who have never done a meaningful day's work in their lives to sit upon their pedestals and act as though we merely exist to babysit patients while the doctors are busy is insulting to those of us who have dedicated our lives to this time-honored and trusted profession. Many have been hurt and offended by the flippant attitudes of these women, and we as nurses and supporters of the nursing profession believe an on-air apology from Ms. Behar and Ms. Collins is in order. I am certain when they inevitably find themselves or a family member in poor health and in need of the tender loving care that only a dedicated nurse can provide, they will see our profession as one worthy of their respect and admiration, and will see the art of nursing for the talent it truly is. And despite their hateful comments, we will be there to care for them just as we would our own family members, because our profession, our passion - and indeed, our talent - is caring for those in need.

Addendum - 9/16/15: After seeing the response from the ladies on The View today, we are still waiting for the apology we have petitioned for; one that actually contains the word "sorry", perhaps? All the ladies managed to do today is further insult our intelligence with their claim that we "misunderstood" their intent, "weren't listening" properly, or "took it out of context". We are nurses, ladies and gentlemen. A huge part of our job is listening: to our patients and their bodies, to their families, to doctors, to our fellow nurses! Listening, critical thinking, and communication are some of the most fundamental skills all nurses possess. It seems far more likely that these ladies did not properly communicate their true meaning, than that thirty-five thousand (and counting!) healthcare professionals and supporters all managed to "misunderstand" or "weren't listening".

However, rather than admit their mistake and accept responsibility, they preferred to backpedal and lay the blame at our feet - and wait until halfway through the show to do so! It is also clearly no coincidence that they segued from discussing how comedy has no limits and many people take things too seriously, into addressing this issue. We do not accept their non-apology, and will continue to boycott the show and bring attention to the hosts' ignorance until we receive a proper, sincere apology. 

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