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DISCLAIMER: This is not a petition to get bobby bones kicked off this season, frankly he isn't even the subject of it. I used his and Juan Pablo's names and scores as examples to support changing a longstanding problem with this show, that was made crystal clear this season. It is a petition to make the show more fair and to not eliminate the best competitors in the future.

This is a detailed description of why the votes count more than the judges scores currently 

Hello, I have been a viewer of Dancing with the Stars for many years. But, each year there are various unjust eliminations. This petition is to change the voting algorithm to be more in favour of the judges' scores or at least give the judges an opportunity to save standouts. With the current algorithm there is much more room for voters to determine the winner, regardless of the scores. This show should have  audience input, but at the end of the day it is a dancing contest and by finals or semi-finals dance should be more important than popularity, especially if there is a large disparity between the contestants' scores. Recently, the current frontrunner of season 27 Juan Pablo was eliminated in the semifinals. He had been at the top of the leaderboard the whole night and had consistently been at the top weeks prior. Bobby Bones, someone who is loveable yet has consistently been in the bottom scores wise, was not even in jeopardy. Yes, this show is about transformation and there should be room for improvement. However, by the semifinals it should be more about dancing than personality and popularity, as you are almost at the end. In order for this show to continue to thrive change must come. Some things should not solely be popularity contests and this is one of them. So, alter the algorithm for the semi-finals and finals or for the whole show. At least make judges scores have as much as an impact as votes. If that is not possible provide a save option near the end for standouts. Thank You.